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You giys have have the tools right now...give us no less than 30 systems with 1-3 objective areas. Each objective area sould be no smaller than the current Borg Space Resource area. Each objective area will have multiple entry points(to minimize or prevent entry/spawn camping).

Like the mechanics for the Borg resource map, eliminate the queuing to enter. Provide acquistion of the system as a reasonably time intensive, but not to convoluted or overly complex means of capturing(nothing worth than ping-ponging ownership) the objective(s) to acquire the area and eventually the system. Once an objective area is acquired(Borg Resource sized map area), the system resets into a faction specific version(faction ground and space facilities with light defenses). Capture all 1-3 objective areas and your faction owns the system.

Require some(at least for high value objective assets), if not all, system acquistions to require a ground PvP capture. Allow open entry(through the PvP drop down queue) to all players for ground combat to acquire system ownership facilities. We can use large "Ice Mine" sized ground maps with throttled/rationed player spawns. Ground combat should only be allowed after the attacking faction has acquired a specific objective to trigger the final ground assault for the invasion.

Come on devs, you guys have this stuff already present, it just needs to be adapted.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-15-2010, 09:18 AM
What he said. What's been said since closed beta, for that matter.

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