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# 1 An easter egg/content teaser?
02-15-2010, 02:32 PM
While flying around in the Neutral Zone, I followed a ferengi ship thinking to re-acquaint myself with what they offer. I was surprised not to be offered a chance to trade with it, but making the best of it worked on trying various ways of following him.

After a bit, a dialog box popped up with him (I was not prompted for this.)

Captain Krogt: Nothing for you to see here, Captain. Go away!

Then he disappeared. I was amused and started to fly off, but saw another ferengi ship heading in the same direction and followed him too. This time, there were also "Orion trader" ships in that area, and an option to "Hail Orion & Ferengi Ships."

If there's genuine interest in what they had to say, you're welcome to find out for yourself over in the area south of Donatu. Just follow the Ferengi.

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