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02-15-2010, 04:18 PM
Whats wrong is that two weeks into the game at least 30 ppl in my fleet are admiral and we are wondering what to do next. We done everything because it didn't take that long to do. It isn't our fault for just playing the game.

Memory Alpha is not fun, whatsoever. Tribble breeding...oh man where do I signup? Seriously.

We'll keep playing, helping out others in our fleet, but we are just adding numbers to the admiral ranks that have done everything within a short amount of time.

Some of you say start another character, alright then, another 2 weeks and I'll be at the same place with 2 characters now. Or start a Klingon char... yes, exactly what I want to do, be stuck in PvP hell forever. Make missions for the Klingons for goodness sake. Against I don't know, Gorn uprising or whatever.

Do not screw up Romulans when you make them playable and have them the same thing as Klingons. They can actually have a storyline.

There can't be new ships for the FED unless they make them up. Yeah, you can add ranks to Admiral, which I bet their plan is to do.

Seriously, they need to bump up how many ppl can be in a PvP. Make them epic. If someone gets viraled, oh well, there would be at least 5 to 10 other ships to assist that person or viral back.

Plus, have you ever heard of voice actors?! Get some, bring some drama to some of the fights. When you talk to a ferengi, make it sound like he is really enticing you to buy something. When you go to a tailor, here a story from a cardassian.

I mean, seriously, people didn't watch the shows or the movies of Star Trek and get intralled with it with just Closed Captioning on and sound muted (do not mean to disrespect any deaf or hard of hearing folks). Give people the sense of urgency and danger to get their minds off of getting skill points or bridge officer points.

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