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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to toss out an update on somethings I'm working on. I had previously published a mission called State of the Union, which I liked a great deal, but received more negative reviews than I'd like. Mainly, the mission was quite long.

So, I'll be creating a series of independent missions that form a larger story with State of the Union being one of them. I'm going to scale down the mission, making it shorter and tighter.

In the meantime, I'm working on Mercy for Madness, the first episode in the series. Once Cryptic fixes the object outline bug, I'll be able to work on it without going crazy. I left the opening pitch a little vague as there are surprises and twists that I don't want to foreshadow too heavily. Here's the pitch:

Mercy for Madness
Starfleet has lost control of the Gamma Orionis Transwarp Conduit and expects the worst. You will be at the head of a task force sent to secure the system and regain control of the conduit. Yet, after a series of unexpected events, you will quickly find that there is more at stake than you previously believed.

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