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# 1 Lvl 30+ farming noob zones
02-15-2010, 04:19 PM
So for the last few days I'v been repeating one of the first space quests for some weap upgrades. Forgot its name, Defend spacestation w/optinal boarding mission, wave afer wave of klingons coming. Everyday, all the time, I see ppl in tier 3-4 ships 3 shotting everyone and talking all the loot, I assume for their alts or to make money.

This game is great, but there has to be a way to cut off higher levels from these maps. Whats the point of even trying to work together with other lowbies, when that +30 Cruiser rolls in for hrs on end pew pewing everything in sight.

just venting frustration, flame if you must, good sirs.

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