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Title: SKC03-G: Red Alert! Kirinstelar!
Author: Stradius

Allegience: Federation
Level: Any (Probably most fun for lower-level Captains)

Play: Group
Rated: PG
Dialogue: Light
Playtime: 30 minutes

Engagement: Group Battle, 1 map
Maps: Space
Recommendation: Use Voice Chat to coordinate. Dialogues trigger events so if someone else in your group is click-happy, you may not know what's going on.

In a system located in the mostly unexplored Hromi Cluster, a battle for the fate of Beta Quadrant rages! The Kirstelarians have recently been liberated from KDF occupation by an adhoc group of Starfleet resources. You and your squadron of ships has volunteered to help secure the system against the counter-attack which is about to arrive! Kirstelar is too great a prize for the KDF to give up easily.

Recruit friends and rally with USS Winchester at Veyga System, then report to Admiral Kartomir aboard the USS Kal-tThon -- Currently blockading the planet Kirstelar somewhere in the Hromi Cluster, Xarantine Sector.

WARNING: VERY CHALLENGING. Bring a group of friends....


P.S. Can be played solo but take a break before forwarding dialogues if you want a chance to repair.

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