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# 1 Risian Luxury Cruiser Interior
08-05-2014, 08:45 AM
Some people, including myself, were disappointed that there is no special bridge for the Risian Luxury Cruiser. So I decided to make a map that shows the interior as a Foundry Mission.

I give you:
The Risian Luxury Cruiser Interior (That's actually the name of this mission)

It is a social map that is most fun to play in groups, but it is full of jokes and references and even fun when played alone.

This mission consists of three maps. The idea is that you cycle through the maps to the one you like to play on or play them in succession but it is not possible (as far as I know) to chose a map from a selection. The maps are great for roleplay and designed with roleplay in mind, but as I said you can also enjoy the maps alone as they are full of Star Trek jokes and references you can read on the informational consoles or by talking to the NPCs. You progress through the maps by activating a turbolift that completes the map and leads you to the next.

The three maps in this mission:
- The Restaurant Deck
You will find six different restaurants on this deck. Each has it's own console telling you about the general direction and cuisine of that certain restaurant. In every restaurant you will find a chef and a waiter or waitress who will gladly tell you about their home planet's foods and beverages.
The 6 Restaurants:
Klingon "The Honorable petaQ"
Bajoran "The Happy Vedek"
Terran "Pink Skin and his Friends"
Vulcan "The Logical Taste Bud"
Cardassian "The Obsidian Order"
Ferengi "Slugs and More"

Each restaurant has enough seats for a full 5 (and more!) starfleet officers off duty eating out and is as far as possible decorated with artifacts from their respective worlds. Have fun and if you eat Bajoran, whatever you do, don't mention the Occupation!

- The Lido deck
Enjoy this exotic beach under the stars. Holoprojectors in the walls and pillars make it look like there was no limit to the sea at all. Here you can enjoy our original Risian Tiki Bar. Enjoy your free time after a week of saving the galaxy by lying in the chairs or explore the beaches. Feeling more active? Visit our training court and learn the basics of several galactic martial arts.
We have Jacuzzis!

- The Leisure deck
Take yourself time to gamble in our Casino. Play Dabo, Billiards, Tridimensional chess, Strategema and Poker. In a society without money- who cares if you win or lose?
See the show of a telekinetic magician and enjoy our comedy show and prepare to wet yourself in laughter.
After a long day of relaxing you need some action: Dance the night away in our dance club with other exotic passengers.
Find your quarter, an Admiral's class suite with your own holo projector to project whatever you want. Fall asleep with the good knowledge: This was another great day on this Luxury cruise.

As you can not start a foundry map from anywhere, I have set the starting point to K-7, which is conveniently accessible by Transwarp and nearby the fleet starbases.

What is NOT part of this:
- A bridge: just use the one of your ship map. I first thought of including a bridge map, but I think that would be superfluous.
- Engineering, Science, sick bay: You have that on your ship map, too! I don't even think this part of the ship would have to look different.
- A decent quarter: I have tried to shoehorn an "Admiral's class quarter" into the leisure deck, but it is really not very good. The best quarter you can play in is probably still the one from, yes, from your ship map.
- Of course and sadly, you can not wear the Risian bathing suits anywhere on this mission
- And of course things like the Dabo tables, billiard tables, poker, strategema and 3D-chess are not playable (but usable!) and just for show. None of the cruiser crew actually sells or gives away any items, they just tell you about food (some of which is currently not obtainable in STO at all) and other stuff. But if you are into roleplay you don't need that anyway.
- The lido deck does not look like the big deck on the cruiser. I tried to make it look like this but the Foundry does not allow enough of the necessary number of items. So there is just a little "rim" in the water that is supposed to be the actual edge of the ship and anything displayed beyond this is meant to be holo-projection.

What else you can do with this map:
You can, of course, use the maps for role play that is meant to be anywhere else. The Restaurants could be anywhere in the Federation (or outside), the beach could be a holodeck simulation (which would make more sense) and the leisure deck could be on any bigger federation starbase.

If you have comments or suggestions of how to make this map better, please tell me.

Enjoy this mission and if you like it, give it a good rating and tip me.
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# 2 the cruiser mission
10-09-2014, 07:14 PM
I have been searcing for and can't find it in the foundry,please help
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# 3
10-10-2014, 02:00 AM
That large lake area with the windows is your own personal golf course.

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