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There seems to be a very passionate group out there determined to have saucer seperation and Multi-vector assualt mode, and has several ideas on how it should be done, most of which are in conflict.

I think some key things to remember with these features are the following:

1) Saucer Seperation was always used as a plot device and provided almost no tactical advantage.

2) Multi Vector Assualt Mode (MVAM) was gimicky and while very cool, is probably close to impossible to practically program in a manner that will satisfy everybody and not make just as many people upset.

To expect MVAM or Saucer seperation on all the different possible combinations on all the Promethius and Galaxy class variants is just not a fair expectation right now. There are thousands of features that are in demand for the game and this is one that I can wait for/ do without in favour of other features.

The Solution

Because these are plot devices, why not use them as such. I propose that these be included in a mission sense.

Scenario 1: The Galaxy Class

Have this as a ground mission that requires 2, and only 2, no more, no less in a team. Set aboard a Galaxy class ship commanded by some admiral or dignitary (use your imagination, details not important here)

During some kind of conference on the Galaxy class, the ship is attacked, and the command crew is killed. Solution is to evacuate dignitaries, but you need someone to cover your retreat.

One team member heads to main bridge to retreat with saucer section, 1 person heads to battle bridge to defend with stardrive. This lets cryptic feature more ship interiors, feature saucer seperation, and because we have mission set ship, cryptic only has to design 1 set of saucer seperation instead of all the variants. maybe prerender an animation of the seperation, and allow the mission to be replayed repeatedly.

Scenario 2: Promethius Class MVAM

Come up with another excuse for a team of 3 people to be on a promethius class. Maybe a temporary search for borg or something. Find ship, need 1 commander for each section for MVAM. again a stock model for seperation, stock abilities, prerender an animation and allow to be played repeatedly.

This allows everyone to have fair access to MVAM/Saucer Seperation, creates more mission/ship interior content, and hopefully requires less coding than making each players ship have these features.

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