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Let me start by saying, I love the game. You have done a great job capturing the feeling of Star Trek. Space combat is fun, I was never a big fan of space combat in most other games, but I love the space combat in this game. Ground combat is fun as well, you have done a great job with both combat systems. The Episodes are great, being a Star Trek fan I find myself more engaged in the stories than I have been in most if not any of the other games I have played. I also enjoy the patrols and the Explorer missions as well. The Genesis program is a great foundation, I can't wait to see how you expand on it.

While I love all these aspects of the game, I find they went by way too fast. I am not a power grinder, especially in this game I tried to take my time, read all the quests, experience the game as much as possible. But even doing that I still found myself only in a Rank and particular ship for a week at most, and Admiral before I knew it. I understand allot of people do not want to take forever to get to max level, I am probably in the minority, so it is what it is.

My suggestion though is about the skills themselves. I understand the reason for the Skill point cap, and I am fine with it. I also understand that there will be a respec option eventually, which is fine too. Whether it is by ingame means or through the C-Store, I am fine with either or both. But what I would love to see is the ability to drop certain skills to learn new, different skills. For me, and hopefully others, this would give me an additional reason to continue doing defense and explorer missions even after finishing the current Episode and patrol missions and reaching Admiral 5.

With the ability to drop a skill and learn new and different ones, we would be able to continue gaining skill points and tweaking our characters abilities without going over the cap. It would also allow us to try different things with our characters if we so chose to. Each Rank has a cap to reach for promotion, once reaching that cap, you would still have to keep that number of skill points spent, but anything over that you have, you would have the ability to drop a certain skill (losing the points you spent on it) and gain those points back to put into another skill of your choosing. So even at Admiral, you could still have the ability to go back and tweak your skills. You could drop Plasma Energy weapons and learn Transphasic if you decide to change out your ship weapons. Drop Threat control and learn Stealth, if you want to try being an operative instead of a Security Tactical officer on the ground. Drop Starship sensor array and learn Deflector field if you decide to change your Science Bridge officer skills. All without going over the cap.

To me this will give us the ability to more customize our characters and skills as a Starship captain and continue to hone our abilities. I have no problem dropping and losing the points I spent in one skill if given the ability to continue to gain points to spend in something else I chose, without going over the cap.

I really hope you consider doing this, I really think it will add something to the game for allot of us, give us more to do while eagerly awaiting new episodes and additional content after reaching Admiral.

And again, thanks for the great game, keep up the good work.
Lt. Commander
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02-16-2010, 06:52 AM
Absolutely agree with this 100%. For a skill based game, we need this option to drop skills and earn new ones.

I think respecs should be available as an additional but seperate option (at least one free one to clear up the bugs and changes to the skills early on and then maybe later down the line as a C-store option).

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