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ok, maybe I am just missing it but uner all of my Chars. the mail icon keeps flashing, and I have checked under all 3 that I have and have no NEW emails yet will not stop flashing that I have new mail.

Also when I log in there is a HUGE delay in my duty assignments completing. Normally they would already be in the completed section and I just need to acknowledge them. However, now there is up to a 5 second delay and they complete one at a time ever 5 or so seconds. Was this part of the update? If so it slows down being able to do things.

The mail glitch is my main issue though. Again only since the update I just got, wish there was a way to fix it. I even when to each groups home world in an attempt to access mail there but no resolution, still keeps flashing with no new mail. WHAT TO DO???!!!

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