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02-16-2010, 07:41 PM
Sounds feasable, yea, but CO does it too. Spawning in the middle of mobs you can get mauled regardless of confirming it or not, though. Load times are longer in that game (For me at least) that it's been known to happen that I spawned dead-on-arrival from going for a bathroom break while it loads. Combined with how I'd typically take a minute or 5 to load into say, Canada, while others would see my char long before I could, needless to say, I've died like that if there's mobs where I spawn.

I like that STO has the mission briefing and waits for you, which means no dead-on-arrival. Well, usually. Deep Space I've had it happen, but then again Deep Space rubberbands for me similar to Sol System, solo channel or not.

Don't get me started on Sol System. All I'm saying is: Half hour to dock or warp out, followed by DC when I finally do zone. Change instance = DC, too. I saw in the notes there's been some fixes to lag in Sol which I have yet to check out, though.

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