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I apologize if this has been threaded before.... I am very UN-skilled at searching forums....never get any helpful results it seems... probably user error... Im sure.


I have a cruiser that is a pretty good tank.... can fix hull and shields in-fight pretty dang well...I'm happy with this one.... ( a lot different playstyle than the science ship I have...and have yet to try an escort... )

one thing I do notice.... is that my crew takes a Im sure its because of my tanking style....and our ship gets primary focus from those pesky birds of prey......torpedoes EVERYWHERE !! WHEEEE ! .... 0_o ... ouch.

typical episode battle leaves half my crew orange, and about 25% of them grey.... ( I am also assumiong orange is wounded, and grey is incapacitated ?? correct me if I'm mistaken )

it's not game-killing... but I would like to be able to help get those crew members back to thier stations as soon as possible... and mid-fight if poissible.

is there a 'BO skill' or 'something' that can regen the crew in space battles ?

I dont want to go the 'console' I have specific uses for those atm that I'd rather not lose.

I have one science officer available...but I use 'polarize hull' in that station.....and it's really helpful with a cruiser.... maybe a lt. cmdr science skill ?? dunno.

I am an engineer captain in a cruiser if taht helps....

I love this game.... tweaking and learning all the aspects of the systems, componenets, a blast.... and VAST !!!

I just havent figured out how to help my crew from getting beat
Lt. Commander
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02-16-2010, 01:17 PM
Try to get a Biofunction Monitor (+Able Crew, +Crew Recovery Rate) Sci or eng console. I'm using these in my escort they are awesome.

Also look into the brace for impact skill
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02-16-2010, 02:20 PM
Tactical Team boosts your Crew when it is low. I use it all the time a pesky ship decides to blow up next to me.

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