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So I thought up a choose your own adventure style encounter for you all to play around with. I was bored in classes when I thought this up, and thought you might enjoy. Devs, feel free to participate if you have free time

Your ship arrives in a previously uncharted system bordering Romulan space. Starfleet has detected Hirogen traffic in the area, and are concerned a base of operations near Federation Territory. You primary mission is to confirm Hirogen activity, and report findings.

Upon entering the system:

Science officer: "Captain, sensors show unusually high levels of radiation, concentrated around the second planet of the system. Indications are inconclusive, but the computer does not recognize the signals."

Tactical officer: "Advise caution captain, the Hirogens may be developing a new weapon system."

Heading to the second planet at full impulse, Hirogen ships appear on sensors, as well as another unknown object.

Tactical officer: "Captain, 2 Hirogen Apex class cruisers on sensors ahead. Readings also indicate another object of unknown origin."

Science officer: "Scans indicate high levels of radiation emanating from the object. Captain, according to these scans, the object may be a life form. Logs indicate that the Enterprise-D encountered a similar phenomenon in the Alpha Omicron system."

Tactical officer: "High radiation levels detected, focused upon one of the cruisers, I think..."

An Apex cruiser explodes, shaking both the object and the other ship.

Tactical officer: "Sensors showed a concentrated radiation signature coming from the creature directed at the destroyed cruiser. The second cruiser is moving off, going to warp."

Captain: "We're here to find out what the Hirogen are up to, follow it."

Engineering officer: "Course of Hirogen ship plotted. Unable to go to warp, some kinda of dampening field is surrounding the ship."

Tactical officer: "The field is coming from the creature sir, its moving toward us in an aggressive manner."

Captain: "Suggestions?"

Choice 1: Engineering officer: "Given the rate of speed, full impulse could get us enough distance form the creature to safely go to warp. However, we may still take damage."

Choice 2: Science officer: "Captain, this particular creature is much larger, and shows up adaptive physiology, including a sort of energy bubble similar to our ships shields. The Enterprise killed the original adult creature with one phaser shot at minimal power, but I believe this creature could take the hits. If we go in and minimal power, we may be able to force it to back down, and allow us to follow the Hirogen."

Choice 3: Tactical officer: "The Hirogen cruiser was destroyed quickly captain, we may not have time to outrun or disable the creature. Given the amount of damage the original creature caused, this larger one may do much more damage much faster. Suggest offensive weaponry."

Choose your fate.

Option 1 reflects non aggression. Choosing this action could cause your ship to catch up before reinforcements arrive, but you may sustain hull damage, and the creature may leave the area. Weapons disabled for the encounter.

Option 2 reflects defense and curiosity. Choosing this action could provide clues later on, as the creature will be too injured to leave right away, but you may sustain hull damage, and weapon systems will be reduced to 25 base power. No torpedoes or mines allowed in the encounter.

Option 3 reflects priority of safety to ship and crew. Choosing this action will cause much less damage to ship, but the creature will be killed, changing certain mission options, and gaining slightly less reward for the mission success.
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02-16-2010, 04:40 PM
Three. Definitely 3. Thing is attacking us probably and may pose a long term threat to the Federation.
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02-16-2010, 05:10 PM
BTW, the next portion will be in a post later today/tonight. Around midnight GMT -8 (forum time)

For those interested, Episode name TNG: Galaxy's Child (forget season and ep. number). Its a really great episode.

EDIT AGAIN: All three options will be explored next thread as well a "points". Try to get the max amount without cheating
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02-16-2010, 05:12 PM
Option 2, please
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02-16-2010, 05:20 PM
Option 3 for me please.
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02-16-2010, 08:36 PM
Is it shameless to bump my own post because I want more replies?
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02-16-2010, 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by DaelinTerenes
Is it shameless to bump my own post because I want more replies?
Srry, I was waiting for you to post a new one reflecting the first reply's option. Anywho, I'd go with 3.
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02-16-2010, 10:25 PM
TNG season 4 episode 16 galaxy`s Child, stardate 44614.6

The dev`s should hire you to write missions. The game could use some stories that are more engaging
Keep it up
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02-16-2010, 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by Ravenstein View Post
Three. Definitely 3. Thing is attacking us probably and may pose a long term threat to the Federation.
Agree Option 3
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02-17-2010, 12:21 AM
Points will differ, just not right now.

Choice 1: Give yourself 5 points for avoiding a dangerous confrontation.
Choice 2: Give yourself 5 points for disabling the beast.
Choice 3: Give yourself 5 points for keeping the safety of your crew first.

Choice 1: Pumping full power to engines, you pull off some fancy evasive maneuvers. The energy dampening field around the creature starts to fluctuate your power, but you throw some auxiliary power to engines. Several blasts of high radiation erupt from the creature, going strait threw your shields and bringing the radiation levels in your ship to dangerous. However, you successfully dodge the creature, and continue pursuit.

Choice 2: Switching to minimal power, you start with careful burst of phasers, hoping to disrupt whatever organs control its movement. Energy starts to flicker, and you risk losing weapons altogether. Thinking quickly, you order power from engines to keep weapons power up, and continue pinpoint strikes. Radiation levels increase, your power relays start to overload, but shortly before it becomes necessary to open up with full power, the creatures power signatures start to wane. Soon, its floating in space, alive, but in pain. Its unfortunate, but necessary, as you turn your ship to course, and warp out.

Choice 3: Taking no chances, you open up with a full torpedo spread. The kinetic energy of the projectiles seem to effect the beast much more then phaser fire. After the initial salvo, only a few more burst of phasers, and the creature turns over, and becomes still. Sensors show not radiation, it is dead. A necessary action, your ship and crew take priority. You come about, and warp.

Coming out of warp after finding the Hirogen cruiser. If you chose option 1, you have arrived before extra Hirogen reinforcements.

You arrive at the coordinates of the Hirogen cruiser. Reinforcements have arrived, 2 Escorts. Red alert, shields, prepare for combat.

As combat ensues, you whip around targeting the escorts first. After disabling (or destroying) the escort ships, you blast away at the cruiser, disabling the ship.

Tactical officer: "Captain, the ship is disabled. Suggest we send a security team to find the Hirogen captain for questioning."

Science officer: "Sir, even if we do get a hold of the Hirogen captain, there is no guarantee he will give us accurate information on the situation. Suggest a more diplomatic way."

Tactical officer: "I highly doubt they will wish to talk after we disabled their ship, they are hunters, not prey."

Engineering officer: "Perhaps there is a safer way. If I can access the Hirogen computer, I can try to download log files detailing their mission and plans. However, due to the nature of the vessel, much of the data may be unrecoverable."

Choice 1: Beam over to the ship and capture the Hirogen captain to gain information.

Choice 2: Diplomacize for information.

Choice 3: Download the mission orders and logs.

Choose your destiny:

Option 1 represents aggression towards your enemies. Choosing this action allows much more information, but some of it may be faulty, and you may lose crew members in the struggle

Option 2 represents diplomacy and understanding. Choosing this action to play it safe, but not all the information will be reviled, and hostilities may increase.

Option 3 represents trickery and stealth. Choosing this action allows a non confrontational way to gain information, but the information will be sparse, and the Hirogen will have their own conclusions for the attack.

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