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Choice 1: Warping out to follow the unknown ship, you try your best to follow it. This proves difficult, you engineering officer notes sensor shadows and masking techniques. After an hour of following ghosts, it seems the ship is gone. You return to the planet in hopes that it has returned. Upon arrival, you find no trace of the alien entity (corpse or other wise). If the creature was a corpse, your Tactical officer notes what looks like remnants of an explosion, possibly to destroy the corpse, and cover the trail of the unknown ship. You mission is over, report to starfleet, grab your reward and 5 more points and head out.

Choic 2: Sensor scans show what look to be some sort of a disease on the alien species. It seems to act almost like a corrosion, literally eating away at the surface of the creature.

If it is a corpse, the disease is continuing to eat away, even when it is dead. You also see signs of an unknown device on the creatures body. Further scans suggests it is an explosive of some type, probably to destroy the corpse entirely. Knowing there is a danger to the ship, and not taking chances to try and disarm it, you move to a safe distance once scans are complete. The device explodes quickly and violently, even moving away, you ship is rocked.

If it is still alive, no device exists. Your science officer scans do note a very interesting find. The disease, has stopped spreading, and in fact the patch of "skin" it exists on is regenerating at a slow rate. Whatever this disease is, the aliens physiology seems to be resistant to it. It also means the creature must be healing it wounds rather quickly. Knowing it may be violent when it recovers, you move your ship away quickly. Soon after, the creature starts to move again, but this time quickly moves away, heading towards a nearby asteroid belt.

With the information gained, you have little reason to stick around. As you warp out:

Engineering Officer: "Sir, I have initiated a search in starfleets database. I have included the unknown ships architecture, its power signature, and the information regarding the disease we discovered, and have found a troubling find."

You: "Oh, what is it?"

Engineering Officer: "According to the database, the USS Voyager, lost in the Delta Quadrant some years ago had contact with an alien species the could be the ones we recently saw. The ship architecture is similar, power signature is the same, and also dealt with a medical disease. Sir, I believe that ship, belonged to the Vidiians."

Science Officer: "The Vidiians? Why would they be here?"

You: "It seems, that the Hirogen aren't the only visitors to our space from the Delta Quadrant. Why would they be interested in this space?"

Science Officer: "The Vidiians will most likely be looking for new bodies in which to harvest organs. However, this creature, perhaps they wanted to see if it could be of use to them. (if creature was alive) Given the fast regenerative physiology, and its resistant to what I could only assume was a form of the Phage, it is possible captain that they intend to use the creature to find a cure."

You: "Wasn't it in the logs that the Phage was cured though, I seem to recall a note by captain Janeway."

Science Officer: "According to the logs, it was alluded to, but the crew never witnessed cured Vidiians. It could have been a lie, the aliens who claimed to have created the cure weren't exactly benevolent."

Silence overcomes your bridge. The Vidiians are known to have powerful technology, not only in the medical field. If a cure is found, they will no doubt do anything in their power to obtain it. The situation may take a turn for the worst.

Take 10 points, 5 for discovering the unknown species, and 5 for the clues about the Phage. Report to starfleet and take your reward. Many questions are still unanswered. Was that disease the Phage? Was it truly cured? What will happen now with evidence of Vidiians in Federation Space? Only time will tell.

Author note: I like the Vidiians, I really did. I felt that their attitude truly reflected what we as humans would do. Morals are no longer the driving point if everyone had a deadly disease, doing anything and everything. Some Vidiians still hold some moral high point, but many simply chose to do whatever necessary to survive. The "Think Tank" episode didn't convince me the Phage was gone, simply that it was a bargaining tool for the aliens, if they even were telling the truth, which they don't seem to do often. Thoughts?

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