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I think my whole annoyance would go away if I could find a way to make the left analog stick move me properly on the ground, without turning into a stuttering, jittering mess. Because the left stick motion just doesn't work for character movement, I've tried binding WASD style motion to the D-Pad but two massively annoying things happen with this setup:

a.) the analog stick fights with the D pad for some reason and you can actually end up moving in weird directions. I've tried /unbind, I've tried to rebind the stick to other commands - nothing I've tried just 'turns off' the left stick.

b.) when using the D-pad and you have say left set to turn left and you select a target - now all of the sudden your left turn is a right turn as your character tries to keep facing the target. Talk about jarring, moving along - select a target - you're holding the same direction on the D pad but now you're moving the opposite direction. I've tried fiddling with different camera modes but I've not sorted out a solution.

What I want is to have the left stick move the character, much like WASD and the right stick control the camera. In a perfect world I'd like it to work like a console/pc 3rd person game but since the camera tries to be intelligent and lock onto a target or be disconnected from the character such that you can move in weird ways relative to the camera - its terribly annoying.

In fact, this aspect of the game may make it or break it for me - I can't stand ground missions at all since I always feel like I'm fighting the controls. I've also used keyboard and mouse, but I still have the same problems with camera facings and character motion. Plus I'd rather use a stick for WASD rather than keys since its less effort (more comfortable to use).

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