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08-20-2014, 12:47 PM
Thank you for fixing the Sierra skirts.

Originally Posted by an0nem0u5e View Post
Can we please please please get a fix for the Doff UI defaulting to selecting all the specialisations in the filters.

Before 9.5 hit, when you used the filters it displayed all the doff's until you select one specialisation, and then it shows the selected specialisations.

Since 9.5, when you use the filters, if you want to just see what entertainers you have, you have to DESELECT 30+ specialisations before you can get to just the entertainers.

Please can you revert the filters to how they worked before 9.5...
This for crying out loud.

However I will say that I appreciate that the most viable DOFFs are at the top of the list when you disable department grouping, but that default filter is absolutely atrocious and completely useless.
Yes I support This

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