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# 1 Klingon's / Ground Combat
02-16-2010, 07:48 PM
Klingon's are bugged(or at least i assume you didn't intentionally make them as overpowered as they are)

Also ground combat is bugged...people can run while they are on the ground (i also assume you did not do this on purpose)

Make it so you can't run while in combat (kinda like you can't go full impulse in space combat) this should have been a given when u made the game.

Decrease Klingon damage to equal it with fed dmg.

get rid of Hold/root/stun/sleep or whatever it is your calling it this is STAR TREK not WoW or l2 with mages and clerics ffs fix this i honestly have no idea what you guys where thinking.

If you refuse to fix Klingons then add fed/fed PvP so we can have fair fights...i give it about a week before i stop logging in unless u fix these problems...i assume most ppl already quit because of at least one of these if not all of these problems.

* Also make it so we can have 3 for front weps one for back weps and one friendly target for healing skills *

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