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As a captain working my way up through the ranks, I'd like to gain some insight(s) from players who have advanced deeper into the game (ie. beyond Tier 1 ) as to what they use, and why, for Crew skills on their BOffs.

Specifically, I'd like to know if people prefer to have only two of the Team skills, trained up to 9 each (45 second cooldown), and then simply "ping pong" back and forth between the two skills. Or ... do people like to set up a rotation of all three Team skills, trained up to 6 each (60 second cooldown), and run all three in a continuous "neverending" rotation?

The answer(s) to this question will help me decide if I want to simply do Engineering Team II @ 9 plus Science Team II @ 9 ... or ... Tactical + Engineering + Science Teams II @ 6 each for my Lieutenant skills on three of my BOffs.

As far as spending BOff skill points goes ... training two LT BOff skills to 9 each costs 1600 BOff points ... while training three LT BOff skills to 6 only costs 1500 BOff points. Very nearly a wash, as far as these things go.

With a Two Teams @ 9 rotation, the cooldown is 45 seconds each, but the global for Crew systems is 20 seconds. This allows "flip flopping" the two (chosen) Team skills regularly, and creates a 15 second window every 45 seconds where a particular Team skill is not in effect (2/3rds coverage time) and (up to) a 10 second window every 45 seconds (or so) when both Team skills are active (2/9ths coverage time).

With a Three Teams @ 6 rotation, the cooldown is 60 seconds each, but the global for Crew systems remains 20 seconds ... which "perfectly fits" with the three team rotation, where the rotation cycles just as fast as you can (theoretically) use it. And there's an opportunity, every 20 seconds, to have two Team skills overlapping for (up to) 10 seconds ... if you're quick enough on your controls and not "distracted" by other things (like combat... ).

So I suppose my question is, for those people who have trained their Team skills to 9 on their BOffs, and who are using them constantly ... do you feel "pressured" by the game environment (PvE or PvP) to cycle your Team skills in 45 seconds (or less with Photonic Officer in the mix!) ... or is a 60 second cooldown on these BOff skills "adequate" in your experience?

Essentially ... how "critical" is a 15 second faster recharge on the Tactical/Engineering/Science Team skills to you in how you play the game?
Lt. Commander
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02-16-2010, 06:26 PM
BO skill points are unlimited, so what's the problem?

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