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02-17-2010, 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Dekar_Corvus
Thats because exhaust, and fuel intake need to be upgraded along side headers...otherwise your creating a bottleneck in pressure...and killing performance. With upgrading HP with bolt gotta consider several other things, vehicle wieght, gear shifting, tire spin, wind resistence etc...

Prelude has:

-weight reduction (many parts upgraded to the light wieght performance version. didn't upgrade hood to Carbon fibre yet though, cause i want it to look stock)
-larger cylinders, to increase fuel injection and combustion. Preludes run 2.2 stock, mine is 3liter
-upgraded fuel injectors
-cold air intake (with forced air intake)
-headers (ceramic)
-4-2-1 exhaust
-upgraded CPU
-upgraded the entire transmission
-performance suspension
-low profile racing tires
-strut bar
-and a bunch of other things i'm sure i'm forgetting off the top of my head....

she runs about 300hp, but has a LOT faster accelleration then most stock, or racing cars i go up against. Plus its got AMAZING handling...

I do street race with her, so i'm not just talking out my ass lmao
Its still a Honda.

and if I'd hope you'd beat a 5.0, especially with a turbo.

Timeslips or no care.
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# 42 Warp speed for newbies
02-17-2010, 12:35 PM
Look all that inerttail damper stuff aside; it is not needed.

Warp is moving between two points in space without encountering the intervening distance. Each warp is halfes the distance; thus you cannot get to warp 10 as 10 is their hypothetical point of the two points merging; but you can do 9.999umpty9's interations.

here is a metaphor that explains it:

take a towel and lay it out and measure the distance; in math if it is a rectangle; it has two parrellel sides the same distance A and to parrellel equidistant sides B. So lets call A the short side and B the long sides.

Measure the distance between B and B' (the two sides); or length of the towel.; having the towel laying flat; near the middle;grap two points on B and B' about the distance of your first and thumb finger and pinch those sides together on each; this creates a bubble in middle creating the illusion that the distance between the two short sides A and A' is shorter; the bubble you just created is the warp bubble; thus distance you dont travel. So you could also call Warp; a fold in space if it were a flat plane; but since the fold is only relative to you as the point of origin and a point is the distance; it is a bubble. Using the shows logic; a strong warp drive engine could make a number of these warps until your towel looks like ribbon candy and the distance between the two outside short edges A and A' is very short relative to each other; but all the towel (space) is still there; the ship then has to travel point to point not encountering all the distance as the ship peirces the warp bubbles and takes the shorter relative route between the two edges.

not my logic; this is from Star Trek; so all they can do is with stronger engines make larger warp bubbles as their stuck with their hard rule of 10 for the number of bubbles. So; it is your impulse engines that move the ship; warp engines only make warp bubbles and a warp field around the ship to pierce the bubbles.

hope this helps
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02-17-2010, 12:41 PM
Every time someone writes an article about how something in Star Trek does not work, with out even attempting to understand whats going on in the show, God resurrects a red shirt with the life of a sacrificed kitten.


Additionally if you cant understand Einstein you probably shouldn't be writing articles on space travel.

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