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02-17-2010, 06:11 PM
My bio points to my Geekipedia page.
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02-18-2010, 06:46 PM
I also created an entire race and a couple of logs worth of back story for my main character. I posted it to my blog, but it looks like it may be worth rewriting/reposting it to STOGeek, now that I've been introduced to that in this thread...

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a biography I wrote as something of a mini-challenge for myself. I realize its rare for anyone to write a character biography, but it seems particularly lacking that there aren't any interesting bios for Liberated Borg. Many don't even seem to fill in the first, middle and last name fields with an adopted human name.

I cheated a tiny bit in that the biography is an homage to another classic television series, but I think it still mostly works on its own:

Six of One
Adopted Human Name: Tricia Mick Guhan

They say a Federation spy, one of the best, retired to a relatively modest paradise of a colony. They go on to say that said colony was an early loss in the war against the Borg. Now, the funny thing about a Collective is that it is rare to lose things, particularly useful things, once they have been assimilated. It would surely be the loss of the Federation and the gain of the Collective to keep track of the secrets inside such a spy for as long as they proved useful. Such secrets could be considered the closest thing that the Collective has to prisoners of war.

When the U.S.S. Portmeirion helped liberate the member they referred to as "Tricia", they discovered an unusual split-personality disorder for a liberated Borg, claiming to be "Six of One" and some sort of "mental warehouse" for the Collective. The secrets locked into her head span centuries of Federation history and technology. They say her liberation was made all the easier because of how strong willed some of those personalities and secrets were.

Six of one, half dozen of the other: liberated and mostly coherent, Tricia's minds, now liberated from the Borg seem to have reached a consensus to be one of the best tactical minds in Starfleet. If the legends are true, a few truly legendary ghosts have come out of retirement.
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02-18-2010, 07:04 PM
Takurai trained in the Mayardian Defense force for several of Mayards years. When the war between Mayard and it's former ally Devan erupted, he quickly rose through the ranks of the Force, proving to be an invaluable team member. He was aboard the ship Indignation when Starfleet arrived and assisted in putting out the fires of war. Impressed with the tactics of Starfleet ships, he enrolled in Starfleet Acadamy as soon as he was cleared of duty by the government. He remains a formal member of the Mayardian Defense Force, although the selfsame force is deployed, assisting Starfleet in the war

Thrust suddenly into command, Takurai doesn't display the tempered wisdom of a fieldtested commander. He is extremely observant, however, picking up on several advanced skills quickly. Preferring the peaceful route to a battle, he has often been underestimated by more aggressive commanders. Many of said ships are now space dust. He is quick on defense, targeting smaller ships in a formation one by one before destroying the larger ships.

Much the same outside of his duties as inside, Takurai prefers to listen and learn rather then talk in a social situation. He finds many of the other races actions odd in comparison to the cut-and-dried style of Mayard, but he's warming up to them as quickly as he learns the nature of command. Though he can be blunt at times, he does not like to see anyone around him hurt, by words or weapons. As such, he will often leap to the defense of a friend or allied ship

((Info on Mayard in this thread)()
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02-18-2010, 08:36 PM
Not sure if this is final:

Roc was born into an extremely privilaged family on Risa. He lead a charmed life during childhood; Friends and teachers did not reproach him for fear of reprisal from his politically and economically powerful father and uncle. Roc's family managed to buy his way into Starfleet Academy with a special 'political dispensation' admission slot. While there, Roc managed to blunder his way through the Academy and received over 100 demerits, however he was the Academy's best and most recognized Perisses Squares player. Upon his commision his uncle managed to cajole a drunk vacationing admiral on Risa to 'keep on eye out' for his nephew following a session of Strategema (during which Roc's uncle let the admiral win repeatedly). Roc has been skyrocketing though the Starfleet ranks ever since. Luckily, even though he is not the most knowledgeable or skilled engineer, he has a penchant for intuitive leadership and is able to surround himself with officers far more technically gifted than himself. His officers both revere and loathe him in equal amounts.

As for Roc, he prefers exploration and diplomacy to war, but he views battle as a competitive sport and winning has always been his number one motivator.
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02-18-2010, 08:41 PM
"He is the fattest of Starfleet's officers."

This Biography started with my LOTRO Champion "RalphWonderLlama" who's bio read:
"He is the fattest of Rohan's Riders."
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02-18-2010, 09:34 PM
I had no idea for a bio until I got /killed for "being in section 31" then I got an Idea.
Now it's mostly classified, and contains some speculation :

Born 1/27/2385 in Anchorage, Alaska. At 18 joined Starfleet, one year into his academy training he had caught the attention of Starfleet Special Ops.

Graduated from Starfleet Academy 5/5/2407.

Married 9/15/2407 to Miranda Halcomb.

Assignments: [CLASSIFIED]

Known Commands:
USS Anchorage (NX-93239)
USS Chugiak (NX-99567)
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02-18-2010, 10:17 PM
I actually created the backstory for the guy im gonna play but I havent finalized his look.
I JUST figured out HOW to get the Jem'Hadar nose down, so Ill be reworking him some time tonight.

In case noone followed the earlier link:
I ran out of character space so the actual bio starts at "Ive survived this long"
Personal log Stardate: (today lol I dunno how to calculate it)
Ive survived this long.
Our ship was sent on a deep recon mission into Federation space near what I later found out to be the end of the war. After some time, we lost communications with the Founders.

We kept to the mission. With a lack of further orders, we chose to stay with the last ones we were given. Once our suppy of Ketracel White began to dwindle, Our Vor'ta, who had started acting increasingly nervous, met with an unfortionate accident where he enteres the airlock amd it malfunctioned, cycling him into space.

It wasnt long before more such accidents started befalling Jem'hadar. Mysterious accidents that increased the amount of Ketrecel White for the rest of those alive. It wasnt long before there were two f us. I bested my brother in one-on-one combat, securing enough of the remaining Ketrecel White to make my way back to Dominion space.

Heading in that direction, I tapped into a Federation news feed only to find out that the war had ended and the wormhole to Dominion space had been closed. To make matters worse, my ship swas attacked by Orion raiders of some kind. I was able to fend them off but not without significant damage to my ship.

With the Founders long gone and a lack of ketracel-white, I was wearing down fast. On my last legs, a Federation Science vessel found me, adrift. I dont remember any of that however, as I had apparently been in a coma at the time. The Federation scientists aboard the ship stabilized me. They haven't been able to subdue my need for ketracel-white completely, but they've engineered a substitute that will do the trick for now. I was informed of the events of the end of the war, and after some time I accepted it. It conformed to the time when we lost communication with the Founders.

It's was my choice. Die alone, millions of light years away, abandoned by The Dominion, or try to conform to this new, Federation life.
Ive survived this long.

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