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# 1 Proposed skill tree changes
02-22-2010, 11:29 AM
Every single skill that affects ANY ability should be explained in detail. For example Tactical Team Leader should have info added that is increases the effectiveness of attack pattern.

Starfleet training
Heavy Cruiser
Heavy Escort
Research Sci Vessel
Should all have an added feature like heavy escort does, that same feature should be present in the T4 skills
Exploration Cruiser
Long Range Sci Vessel
Tactical Escort
For example
Heavy Escort buffs attack patterns, Tactical Escort skill should do the same thing, and they should not stack.
So I can choose if I like heavy escorts Iíll spend the points there, if I like tactical then I will spend the points there. No matter which I pick those skill points will still be of use when in another ship. If I want to put points into both, I'd have the same results as we currently do with the current set up.

I donít know what the Cruiser, or Science buff should be, but it would work the same as I explained above.

Starship Energy Weapons
Disrupter weapons
Phaser weapons
Plasma energy weapons
Tetryon weapons
Antiproton weapons
Polaron weapons
ALL should cost the same amount of points. They all do the same damage, the only difference in the side 2.5 proc effect, which comes down to style. If there isnít a clear advantage from one to another type the cost should be the same. I would suggest 300 skill points per rank

Starship Projectile Weapons
Same as above, different types should still cost the same amount of points.

For all the rest, like I said above I just want more clearly defined descriptions. I donít want to read, ďThis skill improves X abilitiesĒ I want to read how it improves it, and that info for each ability that skill improves.

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