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02-17-2010, 03:29 PM
Originally Posted by Master_Exploder
Character progression? In an MMO? You're joking right? Character progression is a part of RPG, but again can not be done in an MMO because there are other players playing that game other than you, meaning the game can not change based on decisions you make. Most MMOs have a worse story that the one present in STO. Everquest and Everquest 2? No story. WoW? Terrible story in the two expansions. EVE? Free-for-all, no story. WAR? Generic story.

Need I go on?
First, to the OP:

"Silly Corkscrew Flight Pattern Alpha" is the best thing ever.

Second, to this post.

The storyline and the value inherent is not based off of a value system that resides solely between your ears.

I really enjoyed the storyline in WoW and no... I won't go back to it. 5 years was enough. But that just speaks to individuals. I feel that the storyline in STO was pretty formulaic and boring. But having Leonard Nimoy talk to me was just about as awesome as anything else I can imagine... except maybe Silly Corkscrew Flight Pattern Alpha.

Anyway... they CAN and DO have something called Phased area's with MMO's. It is when they take a single area, lets say an entire sector. When a player makes an impact it changes something fundamental about that area and everything changes (i.e. a planet is destroyed or something invades). Now to that player that sector is completely different and to incoming players it is not. Those two players cannot interact with one another but they share the same space. Once the new, incoming player completes the quest line he/she too will be experiencing the completely changed universe.

I am not suggesting that linear game changes like that are completely revolutionary but you would be shocked at how much of a psychological impact it makes to know that you are playing some sort of role in the universe.

I would suggest though, that I might be holding Cryptic to a standard they cannot meet.
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02-17-2010, 03:29 PM
I think the biggest issues I have are that (for me at least) there just seems to be one mode of doing anything - hit the fire all button and all your special abilities when they've finished cooldown. Now I admit that someone may tell me this doesn't work later on (and it hasn't worked all the time for me), but with respawn and run back in you just don't seem to have to think.

I've explored around a bit and to be honest the only things I seem to like doing is the Starbase 24 instance and going to the exchange to build up my ship. I'm much more inclined towards the RPG side of things, but still like teaming up with people to conquer that hard mission. To be honest in this there have only been maybe 20% of missions where I've seen other people teaming and because some of those are auto-PUGs it doesn't really seem like teaming.

Before I got this game I was hoping to see some of the stuff the OP hinted at. I wanted star systems I could fly through, passing large 3D planets, the ability to have motion in all 3 dimensions, not being stuck on same strange map with lines running through it with a number of "systems" that I slowly made my way towards. I think I was looking for something like Frontier (Elite 2) where I'd select the system I wished to go to and could warp there then have to take impulse into the system. I think space doesn't actually feel like space until you're inside a system (then you're usually on your own).

I saw Vulcan on the map and decided to take a visit there, expecting to find a vast explorable planet loaded with Vulcans, instead there was a path, a couple of statues and nowhere to really go (unless I was missing something). Perhaps some better random encounters ("Sir, I'm picking up a distress signal") type stuff, or the chance to launch your own distress calls.

I agree with the damage stuff in the OP, perhaps there should be times when your ship can't actually auto repair and you have to call for help, or travel to a starbase to get repairs - perhaps your ship has some "downtime" (obviously not too long). What about the ability to beam across to another person's ship (friendly or enemy) and either launch a raiding party, or help out at a tactical station.

I admit that alot of these ideas might go in in the future, and to be honest I'm open to coming back - but the initial release seems to be a "nearly" for both the space and ground based stuff, maybe they should have commited to one of the other at first?
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02-17-2010, 03:42 PM
Cryptic DOES have a thing for the number 5, don't they?
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02-17-2010, 04:16 PM
I largely agree with the originater of this post.....though I am hanging around to see what happens.

I heard/read that they were hurting for funds, thus an extremely early release. Lets see what they can do with money coming in now.

I know you can't please everyone and some people never...but yes this game is larglely unfinished...or at least I hope it is and someone doesnt think they did a bang up job on it.
But I am a sucker ( bought the lifetime) and I will stick around for awhile and see how things change. No other pressing matters in games right now...since I used STO as an excuse to leave WoW after 5+ years(was a beta *****) of raiding(so thx cryptic at least for that, and dont tell my old guild, they may try to drag me back.) for me and the gold spammers glitchy single planet systems....funky flying, repetitive (even more so than usual) quests, repetitve quests, repetitive quests and an almost amazing assortment of other even more glaring issues. I will be here to see what they do with least till something shinier comes along.

A couple of things I saw others comment on......
Ummm Yea the whole MMO/RPG thing....imo most qualify an MMO as having the ability to chat and group with other live people. right or wrong, that is a lot of times the only major differance in the two.

Yep STO thus far has very little need to group, I assume they plan to change that. Though I could have used some help when I killed that Doomsday device...think it was bugged or something, it took me 2 hours. get him to zero, he would heal, xero, sucked. finally he died though...but I didnt get a very nice reward for it taking 2 hours.

I run STO with the settings maxed, except for AA. I have zero issues with the running of the game.....well video issues..there are many "creator issues".

Glaring issues imo

The game looks and plays very very much like it is unfinished.

Is it just me or does every planet mission where I am am either scanning 5 flora or talking to 5 angry miners(and someone asked in an earlier post if we would rather talk to 5 angry npcs...been there done that doin it some more)seem to have the exact same design with different paint?? The base missions where I click 5 computers or kill some Gorn scum, almost identical. creativity and diversity....websters dictionary will explain these.

I just turn all of mine off..because it is a mess...but the chat window/ system is jacked. Good thing this is an rpg and not an mmo where I might need to communicate.

Quest often times do not give you any info on where to find the place I am supposed to scan 5 flora(system/sector). And the skills listing, do not give you nearly enough info for some of the skills.

Oh hell...why spend time listing things here...I am sure it has all been said, either nicely or rather not so nice.... I will just close in saying this......

You guys have the have the hardcore Trekkies, you have the Gamers and you have the Trekkie fan Gamers.....if you get busy finishing this thing...yes I know it is already realeased but one will remember how bad you screwed this up, if you take all this MASSIVE AMOUNTS of information and story GIVEN to you guys and fix the problems and make it right...all anyone will remember is that your the ones that made thier dreams of being a Starship Captain and hitting on Aliens of every race dream come true..or is that just James T and My dream?
You talk about all this content to release, fine, but lets fix what we have as well. No use making more broken bs...More impressive and more money( i assume) in the long run to release less of a great product than a massive amount of crap.

Now stop reading this crap and go fix some. :p

3n1gMa- respawning soon, in a solar system near you!
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02-17-2010, 04:33 PM
You know, I don't care if my actions don't affect the way the universe treats other players - that's a fair trade for not having the universe treat me differently because of the actions of other players. Like Clarence, I don't like you very much .

What I would like is for the universe to treat me differently based on my actions. If I'm a butcher in a starfleet uniform, I want NPCs back at Spacedock to *cringe* when I stroll by. If I'm a galacitc envoy of peace and joy, they can wave to me all friendly like. If I'm a slouch in the big chair, devil-may-care rogue with a string of outlandish victories against impoosible odds, they can stop and cheer. I'm worth it. And missions that give me choices in methods and outcomes that accumulate towards these sort of iconic roles are totally worth it. This is a level of sophistication games have reached, and expending the effort to implement it in an MMO is going to be the next plateau.
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02-17-2010, 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by GbeHlpnU View Post

I was hoping for Bridge Commander / Klingon Academy on roids. BC (with all the mods, KM in particular) should have been used as a "model" for Star Trek Online.
This game definitely needs more development along the lines of Bridge Commander, and in fact access to the entire starship along with crew interaction.

MMORPGs need to make you literally feel like you have left this world and entered a new one. The game is not yet there in this respect.

I am willing to give it more time (a year or two).
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02-17-2010, 05:21 PM
I agree with you totally. I have played WoW for 5 years and never gotten board. They have great raid instances, end and replayable at heroic levels, True PvP (both in a controlled Battle ground and random encounters) plus my guild can do raids on opposing faction bases. If I want to just roam around the country side I can. This game you beam down to a cornered off location run to scan this glowing piece of crap to the next and beam to the ship, but wait it actually asks you if you want to keep exploring? LMAO, explore what?

STO is City of Heroes with a Trek skin. I quit City of Heroes to start playing WoW because other that the Character creator that game sucked. STO content is repetitive, the PvP sux bad and is not balanced at all (I have played alone against 5 other players, have respawned in a wall with no GM assist. etc...) Every damn thing in this game is load screens and instances. It has no real world feel to at all. The faction in balances are fracking clown shoes. Klingon content blows. PvP again as I said sux. The "Exchange" is linked to both factions. They have a skill point option of t2 cruiser but no cruiser. The uniform choices are limited (the damn NPC Klingons have cool eye patches and Command coats) was this too much to add for players? I play my Klingon from the Great hall and just queue up PvP as it is my only option for this half @$$ horribly made after thought of a faction. WoW has 6 "Complete" playable races with their own Cities, uniforms and quests (all originally created.) Star Trek has been around for over 40 years with every tid bit of information on major races out there and Cryptic still couldn't put a 2 faction Balanced game together. This game should be called Federation online. The UI is like a replica of the Star Trek Dominion Wars game. (Don't believe me look it up) The Klingon computer sounds just like my Fed computer (Majel Roddenberry.)

I will play this off and on (between my WoW FUN raids or even MW2 matches) and HOPE Cryptic can pull this game up. If not I'll cancel My Son's, Daughters and My own accounts. (Hell my Son quit after Beta saying it sucked.) You do the math Cryptic 3 monthly subs at $15 a month is money lost, and I'm sure by looking at the forums I'm not alone.

Signed a ****ed off Star Trek fan and customer.

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