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Hello to all captains,

I am a little bit puzzled by the buffs and debuff aspect of the game. I have no clue how or where you can see what your opponent used on me and what to do in return. Where can we see that?

And maybe there is a post or something else were I can read up on what to use as a counter?

The times I get blown up in this game are way more then need be. If I can just get this down.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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08-28-2014, 03:14 AM
Just like in most other games it's right by your ship or character portriat. For your ship it is the thingie that has your shield facings, for your character it's the one that has your picture. For your enemy and enemy target of target when they are selected under their picture frame that pops up will have all their buffs and debuffs. The buff/debuff system isnt exactly user friendly though so its hard to see what is what. There are also other indicators like your actual character or ship will have some sort of aura or a particle effect lets you know if a certain ability was just used on you. For example the Borg at the later stages of the game use an ability called Borg Shield Neutralizer. If you let this ability stay on you and you do not cleanse it then it will drain all of your shields (effect is mitigated by Power Insulators). The ability that cleanses Borg Shield Neutralizers on ships is the science boff ability Hazard Emitters. I dont know about the one on grounds though, i dont play ground.

Is there a specific scenario or enemies or ship types that you are having trouble with? like PVE or PVP or a specific 5man instance?
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08-28-2014, 03:22 AM
Well thats the thing, I hardly ever play games like these. And I do play this one because well its star trek

I only do the CCE on elite and Conduit elite for the rewards and to further my rep. But any of the others I do not play because I believe I am not good enough in this game to do them. So I only fill up my rep on the "old" 3 reps.

So I want to get to know how this works so my shields dont drop every time I engage an enemy.

Thanks for your post, going to read it again and again.
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08-28-2014, 05:01 AM
Take a look at the pic below. Some of these you probably already know. The white circle is your current target. The green circle is the target of target. This could be you or somebody else...whoever has aggro on the thing you have targetted will be here. The blue circle at the bottom is your ship of course.

For the blue circle look right above my forward shield facing indicator and you will see that i have 3 buffs active. You've probably seen the same thing in game for your own ship. Your debuffs will show up on that same line. If you dont know what something is just mouseover it and it tells you. If you need further explanation of what a debuff does then you can ask. A lot of times it is pretty easy to figure out though. If it's the only debuff you have and you notice your ship is flying sluggish then that kinda narrows it down. If your shields are draining super fast and you have this one debuff called borg shield neutralizer then you kinda know which one is taking your shields away hehe. And also dont forget that most debuffs leave some kind of aura or graphic effect on your actual ship. Plasma fire, borg shield neutralizer all have special effect and if you are paying attention you will know if you are affected by them.

Ok now going on to the target...same thing here if you dont know what something is just mouse over it. A lot of the symbols are shared but some power abilities are unique to NPC's and so you have to mouseover to figure out what they are. Same thing for them, their own buffs and debuffs will show up under their picture frame. If you see a target has torpedo high yield buff, and that the target you are fighting normally shoots photon torpedos then a high yield photon torpedo will be a fast moving projectile that hits harder. If you are fighting a romulan and they normally shoot plasma torpedos then you will know that a torpedo high yield from a plasma torp launcher is a slow moving projectile. A torp high yield from a D'Dridex cruiser will have 3 slow moving projectiles. That kind of stuff...if they have a buff for cannon rapid fire or scatter volley or beam fire at will you need to decide if you can take the damage, turn your shield facing away from the enemy because it is depleted. Their buffs let you know if they are about to unload some high damaging abilities and if you need to adjust.

Now the target of target window frame? taking all the info i just mentioned above you will know if you are the target or if someone else is. There is some stuff that you can do too. Like did you know that if you have 1 shield facing depleted but the 3 are full, that activating the Tactical Team boff ability will redistribute your shields automatically for say 10 seconds to the one that is currently taking damage? or that some abilities raise your resistance to kinetic or straight damage? making you harder to kill? there are also other things too like positioning. When doing the borg 5 mans it is possible to position yourself so that the gates dont damage you but you can damage them? for that just pay attention to the other people playing and see if they are shooting in a certain area and not getting hit. Some people might consider this tactic 'cheating' though. But it's been around for a long time and the devs havent changed it so apparently noone cares.

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08-28-2014, 05:02 AM
Also another thing you might want to do is go to the link below and enter your gear, ship and skill points. It is possible that maybe your ship needs some help too with gearing up. Or that your boff ability set isnt any good.

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08-28-2014, 02:43 PM
Buff icons have a blue or green border, debuff icons have an orange or pink border. So if you're running attack pattern beta for example, the icon will be green above your ship portrait, and orange underneath your target because it's a buff for you and a debuff for them. In the Crystalline Entity queue you'll see that the Entity has LOTS of orange debuff icons under its portrait when there are so many players shooting at it simultaneously.
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
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08-28-2014, 10:28 PM
There is a lot of information to give. It will be hard to explain, in such a small time. I am not trying to be difficult, but it will be much easier to ask and answer questions over a voice server. While the fleet I am in uses one we don't give out the information over the forums. So if you don't mind downloading a program called Mumble. Then befriend me, pm me, or email me in game at @simeion, I will give you the info to hop on our server. We would be happy to talk about game mechanics, builds, and skills.
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08-29-2014, 04:25 AM
Thanks for the help, the picture and your post where very informative. As well as the colors around my ship.

I do need to be more aware of these things. So now I know where to look.

And a voice server is easier. The point is that English is not my first nore my second language. And with writing and reading its almost perfect but speaking it is very hard for me. So I am no a huge fan of speaking it. Thanks though.

I did find it weird that there is not much information to find about this subject. Because I do hear a lot of times that players will tell others they are doing things in a not logical way.
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08-29-2014, 06:42 AM
The information is out there - its just most players are not up to scratch at actually understanding game mechanics.

Everyone else has mostly covered buffing and de-buffing, so Ill do counters. Almost everything in STO has a counter - certainly everything in STO's PvE.

The most important counters are Tactical Team, Science Team, Engineering Team, Hazard Emitters. They are also usable on allies within 10km distance. There are others - Polarise Hull, Attack Pattern Omega, and to an extent Aux2Dampers make hold effects not work on you, like Gravity Well and Tractor Beam.

Tac Team - clears Tactical debuffs like Fire On My Mark and Attack Pattern Beta, and also re-distributes your shields at a much faster rate than manually doing it. Also very mildly increases damage, but not that much. When doffed with a Conn Officer, it gains reduced cooldown time, and an attack pattern boost.

Engineering team - Functions as a non-Aux based hull heal, and clears stuff like Viral Matrix and engineering debuffs. Maintenance Engineers reduce cooldown time and add extra hull repair, and Systems Engineers have a chance to add a power boost to all power levels.

Science team - Shield heal, most, but not all, science debuff removal. Development Lab Scientists reduce cooldown time and add extra shield healing.

Hazard Emitters - cleanses hazard debuffs, like Borg shield neutraliser, Undine snot bubbles, Eject Warp Plasma, radiation effects and plasma weapon proc. It also has two Aux-based parts - an extra resist for duration, and a hull heal over duration. Astrometrics Scientists make it apply a weaker effect to <50% hull allies in a 3km sphere.

Those are the 4 main counters - TT you keep up constantly, ET and ST are used as needed, and HE is used primarily as a debuff cleanse first and Hull heal second.

In PvE, these will cover essentially everything that will be chucked at you, particularly HE.

Also: Attack patterns. While it is a little off-topic, they deserve covering, as there is masses of misinformation out there.

Attack Pattern Alpha is a Tac Captain ability which increases turn rate and causes more damage by increasing both types of crit and base damage.

Attack Pattern Beta places a debuff on your opponents hull resistance and stealth - it is most commonly used in PvE as the Attack Pattern of choice. It also stacks with weapon abilities like Beam Fire at Will and Cannon scatter Volley, spreading the effect across more opponents.

Attack Pattern Delta places a buff to your own damage resistance, and places a debuff to your attacker's damage resistance and stealth.

Attack Pattern Omega increases damage, your damage resistance, cleanses holds and increases your ships speed and turn rate.

APB, APD and APO all share the same Doffs to reduce cooldown time by 15%. APA has no Doff.

APB is best used in PvE - NPCs don't have Tac team, and APBs stack, increasing everyone on the teams damage. In PvP, it is best not to use it as any self respecting PvPer will clear it PDQ.

APD is part way between PvE and PvP in functionality - key difference is it can be placed on an ally to give them assistance.

APO is essentially PvP only in use, as you don't want to use APO to clear holds if you can help it, and increasing everyone's damage is better than just your own in PvE.

The most important thing to know about STO is nothing is as OP as teamwork and knowing what to do and when to do it. Ship and gear are secondary.
VPvP. T5U PvP. Normal PvP. Because some of us still do it... Oh, and PvE advice too.
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Originally Posted by rausch1980 View Post
Thanks for the help, the picture and your post where very informative. As well as the colors around my ship.

I do need to be more aware of these things. So now I know where to look.

And a voice server is easier. The point is that English is not my first nore my second language. And with writing and reading its almost perfect but speaking it is very hard for me. So I am no a huge fan of speaking it. Thanks though.

I did find it weird that there is not much information to find about this subject. Because I do hear a lot of times that players will tell others they are doing things in a not logical way.
STO does a poor job of teaching advanced techniques of gameplay. Which is also why it's so difficult to enter and excel in PvP without any help from others.

Paying attention to your buffs, your targets buffs, being able to react and also anticipate those buffs will greatly increase your game skill set. AND also make it easier to transition to PvP should you desire.

I didn't know to do it until someone pointed it out to me after pwning me in a 1v1, 5 to 1. I asked how he was able to so decisively defeat me since my offense and defense were up to par for PvP, Defiant vs Defiant. He watched my buffs and waited for the right timing to strike hard every time. This opened my eyes and my gameplay increased significantry after that.

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