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# 1 Looking to join a Fleet
02-19-2010, 07:49 AM
I'm a lifer looking for a fleet that would be a good fit for me. I live in the Mountain time zone, and play mostly from 8pm-11pm there, so I'd prefer one that is based in or near the same area that is active in the evenings.

I'm 35 and don't take myself too seriously, and would prefer a fleet that is similar. However it would be great if there were organized fleet activities regularly. I'm not much of a RPer, but don't mind others that are, so I am fine with whatever as far as that goes.

I mostly PVE, but enjoy PVP as well. I've been a pilot in SWG on Eclipse, Flurry & Starsider for several years, so if anybody from there has an STO fleet, I'd be interested as well. Thanks for any suggestions.
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# 2
02-19-2010, 08:05 AM
The Sentinels are a multi-gaming community with an average age of 30+ and no drama!

We have an active membership in several different MMO's and are building our Starfleet Division here in STO. At this point we have about 40 to 50 active members in our fleet and are steadily growing. The overall guild has over 500 active members and we also maintain our own guild Ventrilo server. We look for quality over quantity, and have a very thorough application process. Its our goal to make sure you are as happy with us as we will be with you.

Our retention rate is very high as we promote more of a gaming community then a single game guild.

Feel free to check out our recruitment thread at or just follow the links in my signature to learn more about us.
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# 3
02-19-2010, 08:12 AM
Consider federation fleet. We have hundreds of members in all time zones (I'm US Pacific). No matter when you log on, there's always someone playing. We're easy going and have lots of helpful members. We also have regular fleet events. I think there's a contest this Sunday with prizes. We also have voice comms, but use is voluntary.

It's a great group and I love being part of it. It makes the game so much more fun.

You can apply at our website or send us a pm in-game.
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# 4
02-19-2010, 08:16 AM
Why get lost in the crowd? Black Lance plans to keep a relatively small, but quality focused membership for our fleet. We're also a Central Time based organization. Please feel free to review our charter and see if we might be a fit for your career:
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# 5
02-19-2010, 08:24 AM
Jare you can check out The Drow Organization - we focus alot of our time right now on getting leveled and geared for the upcoming raid content - we are a small but active fleet and believe in victory through teamwork. - fill out the app there and we look forward to hearing from you
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# 6
02-19-2010, 01:02 PM
As a representative of the Canadian Federation it is my honour to extend an invitation to you Jare.

Our members are mature and practical in their conduct. We were formed by casual players whom like to have all the benefits of a fleet without any of the hassles of a rigid command structure. While we may be casual we are very dedicated. Above all else our fleet is about getting together and having fun with our members. The majority of our members are Canadian and American, but don't let that hold you back, we are open to everyone. We have a dedicated Ventrilo server for Fleet communication.

We currently have over 85 helpful, active members and are growing every day. We are based in all NA time zones and currently roughly half of out members are in PST to CST.

So if you like what you hear, please come and check out our site. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our other fleet members.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Canadian Federation
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# 7
02-20-2010, 03:30 AM

I think the Light Knights could be worth you checking out.

We're a casual EU/NA gaming community who focus on having fun whilst we game yet we are dedicated to achieving success at end game (PvE/PvP).

I wont bore you with a wall of text but please feel free to check out our info thread here on the official forum:

and/or our portal/forum directly:

/cheers and good luck

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# 8
02-20-2010, 09:01 AM
The Alliance Fleet offers:

=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\=

Well established fleet since beta.
Mature membership base from all over the world. Ages ranging from 23 to 72 currently.
Outings include PVP, PVE, Raiding, Fleet Actions, etc.
Opportunity for advancement in rank
Freedom to in invite any mature friends you know or meet
Our own Ventrilo (available but certainly not mandatory).
Full website: The Alliance and Forums: Forums
Fleet bank open to all members, fully stocked with mods
Mission specialist for any questions
Leadership highly experience in running Fleets/Guilds and large scale PVP

=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\=

Sorry but we only accept mature players. We are all long time gamers who really don't want to deal with screaming kids and chat spammers. Only rules we have is that you treat other players with respect, help other members when you have time, and most importantly have fun playing the game the way you want to.

=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\=

Please feel free to post Here with any questions or request an invite. Or on our Forums
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# 9
02-24-2010, 09:02 AM
Delta Contingent is always looking for new members to our fleet. We formed last weekened.

We have a fleet bank tab, fleet uniforms, and a fleet website. The fleet mostly consists of Lt. Cmdrs and Commanders. For an application to the fleet go to the address in my sig.

Once the application is submitted, I will send you an invite. If you decide to join, be sure to register for membership to my site so you can leave comments on the forums.

We hope you join our fleet.
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# 10 LNR Fleet!
02-24-2010, 07:14 PM

Please spend a few minutes on our website and check out LNR Fleet. After we hit the 250 member cap, we made more room for new members. You can now join LNR!

We are a Fleet/Guild that is founded on being inclusive. Here are some important facts you should know:

* Casual & mature - Anyone can join who will follow and help enforce our charter

* Stable - Established guild with over 6 years experience

* Multi-game guild - While many stay in a game (I'm a lifetimer) as you might move on to new games, so do others in LNR. Stay with the same gang as new games come out.

* PVP - For those interested, we have highly organized PVP teams and events

* Strong Leadership - Members can prove themselves and become highest ranking leaders through our election process - All of our leadership was elected -- they have proven their leadership

* Voice Chat - Private Vent server (only join if you want)

* Strong communication - Full featured website (over 100,000 posts), roster, forums, chat, image gallery, and more spend your game time ...gaming...discuss guild matters on the website

* Inclusive guild - not exclusive - We don't require you to be on at certain hours, play certain amount of time, or play a certain play how you want to.

If you would like to join, click here and add your name to the 'invite me to fleet' list.

Please join us and learn what it is to be part of a legendary Guild.

Feel free to check us and and learn more at

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