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# 1 Fleet Actions Need Level Caps
02-17-2010, 07:30 PM
Fleet Actions are a joke now, only 2 weeks into the game. The low level fleet actions are full of people farming them with their T5 ships. I just literally saw one ship take out 2 entire task forces of Klingon ships in 20 seconds, in the Expeditionary Force fleet action. Hmm, and I wonder where all those gold selling spammers are getting their loot to sell for energy credits....
Put a level cap on being able to enter the low level fleet action instances, or make separate instances with differing level ranges. I switched between 6 different instances of the Expeditionary Force, and ALL of them were being farmed. So much for having fun on a new character, I might as well have parked my ship and afk'ed for the entire battle and get credit for the mission, like I've seen some do.

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