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# 1 Stardate to real time
09-01-2014, 11:25 AM
I know that, there are meny threads about this. But I wasn't able to find answre to my question: How long it takes to change stardate for 0.1 (eg. from 12345,67 to 12345,68)?
And one more thing; If anyone gave me a conversion rate between STO stardate and TNG stardate given by the last gadget on this page: http://www.valken.org/stardate/stardate-en
It's win 7 sidebar gadget, I wasn't able to find better (working at w7, I found many possibly for w8...), but if you know about STO stardate gadget, tell me about it please, I'll be most grateful. Thank you for anything.

PS.: I want to apologize for possible grammar mistakes, I am not an englishborn (or how should it be called ) and I was writing this, when I was realy tired and a little bored.

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