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# 1 Please improve fleet functions
02-14-2010, 12:47 PM
Hello Cryptic

I'm loving the game so far, thank you. However, there are several aspects that desperately need a little TLC. Today I'm going to discuss the fleet tools such as the fleet management panel, and the fleet vault/bank.

Firstly, the fleet management panel. Here's my list of gripes with it:
  • You removed the detail grade on the member roster. It used to say the specific level each member was at, now it just says Commander, Captain, etc. Please add a tooltip to the rank icon so we can see a member's specific rank, Like LtCmdr 7, Cmdr 8, Cap 3, etc.
  • The rank column in the roster is out of alignment with the member names and other information. The rank field seems to be shorter than the rest of the row.
  • The settings tab is broken. Switching betwen the ranks doesn't update the checkboxes on the right with the list of permissions for that rank. You currently have to switch to the rank you want to see, then change to a different tab and back again to see the correct permissions.
  • Stardates on the News page of the fleet panel? These are nonsense. How can I tell what date these events actually occured? Does that stardate actually mean anything? Regular Date/Time stamp please.
  • If you post a message of the day with carraige returns in it, those are lost when the message is actually displayed on screen.
  • Please add the option to add more ranks. I've had to concentrate several of the ranks in my fleet into a single rank in-game. Rank #1 Non command Officers, Rank #2 Captain, Rank #3 Commodore, Rank #4 Rear Admiral, etc
  • Please add the ability to give members a department too as well as a rank. My fleet is split up into 4 departments. Science, Diplomacy & Intelligence, Recruitment & Training and Tactical & Security
  • Please make the uniforms tab more intuitive. Would be nice if you could present us with a customised version of the character creation system with just the uniform components. The uniforms could also be specific to departments, so my science officers would get blue uniforms, tactical would get red etc.
  • Where is the fleet logo uploader? The option to select a fleet logo in the ship creator is there, but not working currently. Make the information tab more informative than just a description box. Separate fields of Fleet Website URL (clickable, in-game browser perhaps?), Mission Statement, etc.

Now onto the mess that is the fleet vault/bank:
  • Tabs can only hold 40 items. This is extremely insufficient. Please increase this to 80 or even 100 per tab.
  • The cost of new tabs is ridiculously high. 1.2 million energy credits for just 40 extra slots is a rip off. Perhaps increase the cost of tabs gradually. Start really low, like 200 thousand for the first one, then gradually increase for each additional tab or something like that.
  • The vault log is extremely hard to read and doesn't currently show dates so you have no idea when people took something. Please arrange the information into a table, with headings like Date/Time, Tab Name, Withdraw/Deposit, Item, and Quantity.
  • Please make the fleet log downloadable as a CSV or XLS or something like that. Would make managing the vault a lot easier. Can put the details into Excel and see at a glance who's having the most stuff.
  • The permissions for energy credits just do not work. I have my two lowest ranks set to allow deposits only, and yet they can still take thousands of energy credits out of the bank. I also tried settings to limit energy credit withdrawals to 1, however people were still able to withdraw thousands of credits. Fix this one quickly please.
  • Next to Deposit and Withdraw, please add an option to allow/disallow the viewing of the log for particular ranks. I don't want the lower ranks being able to scrutinise what each other is taking.

Thanks alot for reading. Please feel free to add to this list, I'll also keep it up to date as I think of more stuff
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# 2
02-15-2010, 02:41 AM
I know we have this posted on our forums as well and i have been taking sometime to think on some of the stuff that has been said. I am normally one for not comparing to other MMO's but for the ones i have played when it came to clans, guilds, fleets, etc the bank was always a major part of it. In STO the fleet bank should work like everywhere else i have been with. The first comes when u create the "Fleet" then every tab after that increases in price each time you buy a tab. Starts out low and gets more expensive as you get more tabs.

Also i noticed that fleets can make uniforms and Logos for ships. In other games when u create a community such as a fleet you are normally able to make a tabard or some such item to show off who u are. These things go cost currency but they are not that expensive. I would like to be able to slap the Fleet logo on the Hull of my Ship and would love to be involved with creating a Fleet uniform for all to wear if so choose. I however dont know if you are able to. I know i am with the 6th Fleet and i have yet to see these options. I dont know if it is a lack of currency. But this is one of those must have so we can "Flaunt" our look. Not just my fleet but every fleet. It is a nice thing to go into a space dock and see uniforms that you know. Also i dont know if i dont see it or if there is an options for this but i see you can have it for when u are on away missions to have it show your rank but i miss the Fleet name under mine. Fleets are goin to be a major part of this. As we as a gaming community start to grow fleets such as the 6th are goin to want to start doing the "end game" as of now content as a Fleet. It bring cohesion into a unit.

I know there are a lot of other things about the fleet such as permission in with the bank. But since i have not created my own fleet i am only saying what i see, and if i am just not seeing it then thats my mistake for not looking.

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# 3
02-16-2010, 06:41 PM
Agree 100% with a couple additions:

- Please give us separate limits in the fleet banks for money and items. It's tough to protect fleet funds when item value withdraws are tied to energy credit withdraws. Those two need their own limit controls.

- Would be nice to see what career field everyone is in the fleet roster window.

- The uniform tab really needs some work and better explanation.
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# 4
02-17-2010, 05:21 PM
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# 5
02-17-2010, 10:28 PM
I posted it in the other thread, but it needs to be here too:

We need a way of tracking our members' inactivity (Last login date, maybe more)

Our fleet hit the cap and it was very hard to prune. Right now we have to use forum activity as the only indicator..

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