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I'm using a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5850 1 GB. Whenever someone fires a torpedo or a three-dimensional effect appears on-screen while in the Empok Nor system, my framerate drops from 60 to 7. I should not be losing this much performance on a DirectX 9 game. This is the only location I've had a problem with during my playthrough of the game.

These are all the settings I had to turn off to get the game running at 60 FPS again:
  • 2x anti-aliasing
  • High bloom quality
  • High dynamic lighting
  • High reflection quality
  • High detail objects enabled
  • Medium shadow quality
  • Screen-space ambient occlusion

Everything with a slider was at its default value, and I'm running the game at 1680x1050.

What gives, Cryptic?

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