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So I just canceled and typed my "suggestions" into the box. This is what I said... But first, I am not here to troll, I am just copying what I said to them. Maybe I did not provide the most constructive criticism but I do not care. I feel like I have wasted $50.00 so I have a right to be upset and say what I want. If you do not agree or like what I said then fine, but I don't care and it does not need to be discussed. This is just what I think. It is my opinion so please respect it. If you love the game then more power to you.

I'm sorry but this game is beyond repair. Star Trek is about exploring new worlds and meeting new civilizations. It is not just all about war. All you do is kill things and that is NOT Star Trek. The worlds are very small and lack any content. Ground base content is terrible and feels clunky. Who ever was in charge of the ground based mechanics should lose their job but then again who ever was in control of quality control should also be fired. This game has serious flaws, too many to list here and if you can't see it, then it is a lost cause. I am very disappointed with the product and will never buy another Cryptic product again. MMOs should be about vast open worlds/universes, NOT INSTANCES!!!!!!! Star Trek should not be 80% ship combat and 20% ground combat. Whoever thought this game would succeed should seriously have a reality check. If you really wish to improve it, you must rework the ground base engine and get rid of the instances. The quests are poorly written and have no basis within the Star Trek Universe. The ship combat is fun, but tedious. Anything related to ground missions is just awful and feels like a penalty to play. Cryptic really dropped the ball on this game and all the terrible reviews confirm this. This game needs a major overhaul starting with a new developer. I went in with an open mind, thinking that the game would get better but it has not. The game feels rushed and I am sure it was rushed. If the game lasts longer than 6 months I might come back to see if anything has changed, but that is a big maybe and I honestly do not see you keeping enough subscriptions active to allow this game to survive in its current state.
Nick P. A disappointed customer

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