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# 31 the Reman Way
07-21-2011, 08:12 PM
I've cracked the crusier code and this is what it is. You emulate the Remans, their weapons experts for a reason. This set up destroys the klingons like they were all Romulan technicians ( lowest npc ever) the romulans even get fried along with anyone dumb enough to face you. Note this based on teir two vessels.

1. get a crusier, no science vessels the targeting is crap, not worth your free plaque.
2. plasma weapons are key they offer DoT damage and kill sheilds quickly on BoPs and frigates.
• a duel beam in the front and a single the back. No turrents or cannons
3. Arm Quantum torps both front and back, they have a laser based warhead that helps bring enemy's shields down. Essentially they are phasers in a torpedo and have a high attack DPS. (note torpedo spread tac boff is key. It kills hulls quickly.
4. shields are shrowed in debate resiliant or coriviant. The answer is Corviant higher compasity and in case equip the Reman Prototype for even higher capasity and the Reman purple look ( looks flashy and functional)
5. Engineering consoles: these will counter the ten percent bleedthrough of the sheild get ablative hull armor for plasma and other attacks second, SIF generator to keep up with the plasma damage or ordinary hull damage.
6. get the biometer console for scince to keep repair crews alive.
7. Tactical should be equipped with a Plasma Infuser for more DoT and power overall
8 for deflector get positronic for tractor beam and sensors.
9 Finally get combat impulse engines because the majority of power should defence and weapons creating low aux power which makes these efficiant in output . Which is great considering your tanking role Hyper is too unreliable.

Hope this helps

“The only good klingon is a dead klingon"

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