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Well I am only in the t3 bracket... but tonight has been nothing but a let down...

Granted I am more of a ground pvper, I like healing ground as it is alot of fun.

However tonight, out of atleast 15 games I have found only one that was actually fun...

I keep getting matches where feds just suck, and the score almost always ends up being blue 2/40 klingons 40/40.

Wait what? I'm complaining that I am winning almost ever match? Am I crazy?
Maybe I am, but constantly getting these easy wins is annoying.

As well I keep getting klingon partners that just suck, (Not all of them, but a good share) and its obvious that they arent even trying and are playing like they automatically assume the feds are going to suck.

Half the time people dont even bother trying to put a group together, or when they do they dont care.
They invite 2 people to the group and then wont invite anyone else, or you have 2 people join late and invite eachother to group and then refuse to join the group that was there in the first place. Making it nearly impossible to heal to full potential because you cant see their health bars or target them as easily.
(I hope they eventually add in automatic groups in the future, rather then relying on players to form them... gets really annoying especially as a healer.)

I even got kicked out of a group because I asked someone to not run off and 1v1 the enemy,.
I dont know... I am the type of person who believes in playing properly even when we are steam rolling the enemy.
Nothing is worse in my opinion than getting over confident, because their will come the time when some actually good pvping feds will joing the group and they will slaughter those who dont adapt.

Then again most probably dont care, its not like losing means anything, nor does winning, might as well just charge in guns blazing, it doesnt matter who dies and who lives.
But most of these people are also just farmers I am sure... just farming xp and medals so they can buy shiny new trinkets, they dont care whether the fight is good or bad.

Maybe this post is just rambling about something that doesnt matter, but it gets boring spending 3-4 hours searching for good fights and only getting one that comes close.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-20-2010, 04:52 AM
They have no HONOR.

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