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02-24-2010, 08:00 AM
That didn't answer my question, though. I could have sworn that my resistance was useless against FeedbackPulse, and I would like a test with screenshots to confirm.

I run with Aux to Structural, Hazard Emitters, Engineering Team. And I have yet to see them decrease FeedbackPulse damage.
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02-24-2010, 08:21 AM
There's an easy and fun way for you guys to test this...

Go on Borg Hunt, get yourselves bugged.

On reset, when everyone spawns in the same place do this:

Photonic officer
Full aux
if not profiting enough, pop it again when the cd is over.

the best description that comes to mind is those "WTF boom!" videos on youtube.

Originally Posted by Otheym81 View Post
This is tested with a Sci Officer friend in the Borg Hunt. He was glitched as an enemy. In my escort, I used beam overload 1 with a dual beam at point blank range, for over 7k. His FBP III hit me back for over 25,000. Almost one shot myself, with one Beam Overload

And this is correct... I was the "test" subject :p

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