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I was paying very close attention to my BO's during a ground episode yesterday and I noticed something. They're shields almost NEVER drop below 80%.

I think its because of 1 of these 2 things:

1. It looks like maybe BO's shields are ignoring the "out of combat for 3 sec to recharge" rule. They seem to keep recharging no matter what. They're shields only really drop when they are taking heavy fire from many enemies. Even then with skills ontop of things they can still often recover.

2. My shields also recover often during combat and I think I know why. The server considers players or their BO's OOC for 3 seconds if they don't take dmg for 3 consecutive seconds right? With NPC enemies changing targets, using abilities or being stunned 3 seconds is not a very long time needed to start getting those big recharge numbers. This doesn't even take into account lag possibly helping the player. I was thinking, what if 3 seconds OOC isn't enough time considering lag for even normal wep fire? Each NPC waits a second or 2 between shots because of the guns cooldown even for regular shots. I think players and BO's are always getting at least a partial "fast recharge" inbetween gunfire.

I'd like to add that if ground combat does increase in difficulty Cryptic needs to at least nerf the Remen psychic guard leader that can make 5 copies of himself. I've only encountered him twice so far but both times I wiped 3 or 4 times. I only win by focusing fire on 1 of the other non-psychic npc guards that are also with him and getting 1 out of the way at a time before being wiped. I eventually have enough down through several wipes that I can survive the encounter with the Psychic guy. This is the only npc in the game that has given me any trouble.

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