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Hello all. I've tried researching this subject but I can't find much information. I'd like to ask how you build your away teams, and what seems to work best throughout the mid-to-later levels. I have a Commander 1 (tactical) and now a Lt. Commander 1 (science) as my characters. For both of them, I've been doing 2 tactical, 2 science, and one engineer as the standard away team makeup.

I like this for my Commander, because I play one of the tactical officers, and I use Focus Fire, Target Optics, Plasma Grenade (if my science officer manages to root a group), etc. But for my science Lt. Commander, I don't know if this is the best setup. Here's what I am doing:

1 science officer is straight heals (bridge officer)
1 science officer for debuffs/control (which is me)
1 engineer with Mine Barrier and Phaser Turret
1 tactical with Photon Grenade and Target Optics (seems to work okay)
1 tactical with Draw Fire and Suppressing Fire <<<<not so sure about this guy

I should say that, so far anyway, I don't have much trouble with ground combat. I tend to order my team to focus fire on one target at a time, I use Mind Meld on the swordmasters and the tough's working fine and I rather enjoy ground missions. I just feel that the last tactical officer doesn't do much for the team. He uses Draw Fire randomly, it doesn't pull aggro from my healer, or from me for that matter. I wonder if I'd be better off with a second engineer, or even a third science officer. But I do think Overwatch could be useful when I get to tier 3.

So if my last tactical guy doesn't seem to do a whole lot, but doesn't hurt either, would you suggest I stick with him till the higher levels? Or do you have any other recommendations for group makeup? Thanks in advance.
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02-20-2010, 02:53 AM
My favorite setup so far has been the following:
Engineer x3 (mines, Phaser Turret I, Phaser Turret II, Summon Support Drones I)
Science x1 (the first heal, vascular regen, tricorder scan II, whatever)

The 4 Boffs all set up with weapons to AoE expose, while I use dual split beams.

I like it because it kills things fast and does so consistently and the plethora of things for the bad guys to go after makes it super safe. The character I do this with is also an engineer, adding another turret and support drones to the mix, as well as a FF Drone and some generators to amuse the mobs. The mines don't really do much, could easily be replaced with the shield recharge power.

I've also toyed around with the all science team, using lots of tricorder scans, everyone armed with split beams. Quite effective, but a bit more luck dependent than the engineer heavy crew. Sometimes it kills faster, sometimes slower. More vaporizes, but not as much of a laser light show.

Trying a tactical heavy team right now on another character. Finding it the least effective of the bunch, though still messing around with power choices.
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# 3
02-20-2010, 04:12 AM
I was lazy until now and use always the same foolproof setup:

2 sci BO with heals and tachyon
1 eng BO with shield recharge 1+2
1 tac BO with leg sweep

I will tryout other combinations later
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# 4
02-20-2010, 01:58 PM
Using 1 Tac human (me) 1 tac Vulcan, 1 tac Klingon, 1 sci-Vulcan & 1 human engineer. I didnt realise that the other 2 tacs had stealth module 1 until I reached Cmdr, as I also have stealth I'm gonna try for a full stealth tac team at some point, with black uniforms and a heavy dark cruiser I feel as if I'm on a war footing
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02-20-2010, 03:24 PM
Engineering Captain (driving a Cruiser) - Medical Generator, Phaser Turret

Tactical - Photon Grenade I, Targeting Optics I
Engineer - Chroniton Mines I, Shield Generator I
Engineer - Chroniton Mines I, Shield Generator I
Science - Medical Tricorder I, Tricorder Scan I

So long as I get to open the engagement, every time I crouch in my chosen firing position and give the order(s) to "set up the portable fort" ... meaning, deploy mines and generators. Then when everything's set, I either open with a phaser sniper rifle or a phaser split beam rifle. My tactical and science officers also have phaser split beam rifles while my engineers have phaser dual pistols.

Haven't been defeated yet in ground combat ... but then, I'm only Lt Commander 3 so far.
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02-20-2010, 03:37 PM
Engy: repair shields 1, phaser turret 1, phaser turret 2, quantum turret 2
Engy: weapon malfunction 1, phaser turret 1, phaser turret 2, quantum turret 2
Engy: quick fix 1, phaser turret 1, phaser turret 2, quantum turret 2
Science: med tricorder 1, gravimetric shift 2, tricorder scan 2, hyperonic radiation 2

On me the fabrication specialist kit (getting the purple one as soon as I can be bothered) which will have phaser turret 3, seeker drone 3 and quantum turret 3. That's in addition of my support drone. For now I'm stuck with phaser 3, quantum 2, seeker 1. They still pack a punch.

Lots of firepower and decoys. Medical tricorder is there mostly for show.
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# 7
02-20-2010, 05:32 PM
I generally roll with:

1 healing science
1 debuff science (my sci capt)
1 fortification eng (my eng capt)
1 buff/debuff eng
1 grenade tactical (my tac capt. I'm playing with other tactical kits/builds, but I don't like the martial arts skills, and the other kits my Tac LCdr has are pretty meh so far.)

I'm tempted to give the 2nd engineer more fortification skills.

Granted, I've just cracked Cmdr/3 with my Engineering captain (and the others are still LCdr), so the skill sets I have access to are pretty rudimentary.
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# 8
02-20-2010, 09:07 PM
Either 4 Tac with mostly grenades or 1 Sci with a couple heals and 3 Tac with mostly grenades

The grenades really speed up killing the high shield/shield regen foes. Since survivability in ground PvE isn't generally an issue, there isn't much need for defensive abilities.
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02-21-2010, 08:34 AM
1 Tactical BO -> Focus Fire I, Target Optics I, Target Optics II, Overwatch II
2 Science BOs -> Medical Tricorder I, Tachyon Harmonic II, Tricorder Scan II, Hyperonic Radiation II (this last one may change)
1 Engineering BO -> Shield Recharge I, Weapons Malfunction II, Phaser Turret II (may change this), Fuse Armor I

All BOs have cone Expose weapons and my captain carries a pair of cone exploits.
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# 10
02-21-2010, 09:05 AM
What I like: All science team with AoE expose abilities and expose weapons, a couple with medical tricorder and you are set for the whole game. Just remember to equip AoE exploit weaponry yourself. Certain abilities do not stack well so do not set more than one BO with them. Examples: Gravimetric shift creates hold resistance (do not put it on more than one or two BOs), and apparently an enemy can only be debuffed by one instance of a given level of an ability at a time, so you can set one BO with tricorder scan I and another with Tricorder Scan II, and yourself with Tricorder Scan III if you are Science Captain. Same thing applies with Hyperonic Radiation I think.
I'm getting exposes constantly so I just vaporize enemies left right and centre, fights do not last long even against "bosses". It is not rare to vaporize a whole enemy group as fast as it takes me to fire secondary - switch weapon - fire secondary.

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