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This is an observation:

If you continue to allow your defenders who act like fanbo"i"s to bully people, I don't think you are going to like the reaction you receive. One of the best and fastest ways to hurt an MMO community is for you guys to allow people like that to bully any criticisms. I am certain that is not what we paid for, nor will continue to pay for. This needs addressing and it may not be too late for some.

With that said, Amazon is awesome! Not only did they have one of the cooler pre-order items if not the coolest(aside from the lifetime playable liberated Borg) bonus, they had one of the best prices for pre-orders! $46.99 I believe was the dollar amount, no tax, no shipping fee, and the game came in the mail on release day! That is top notch service.

Not only that, but the currect STO price is $39.99 there. Not a bad price for a new game, a steal if you would like to check it out or one could wait for the price to drop even more. Well anyways, after being unhappy with the way the community direction was going and tired of waiting for the game to improve to my likings, while being insulted the whole way for any criticisms, watching others being insulted the whole way for any of their criticisms, I decided to at least see if I could get a refund for the price difference.

To my delight, I had come to find STO was now a returnable item. And it wasn't before, because I was checking my account info and Amazon said that item was not available to be returned. Well maybe it was because of many upset and hurt customers, I don't know. But that is no longer the case, they allowed me to return the item, with conditions of course, and I fully accept.

This is what I found out:

Any CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video game, cassette tape, or vinyl record that has been opened (taken out of its plastic wrap): 50% of item's price.
To me that is better then nothing and I would finally get the value out of my dollar owed. And they have a March 5th deadline to return, at least for me. So the window is small, and if you needed to know, now you do.

I thought of charging back, but could never do that to Amazon since they have never treated me like I don't matter or some garbage that you can just toss aside after getting paid. I still want to support Atari's stock portfolio and coffers so they can make my all time favorite game Test Drive Unlimted 2, so I am more then happy to let them keep the rest!

I hope this game turns out well for all those who paid for life, and are enjoying the game instead of spending all day in the forums to belittle the games critics. You deserve value for your money. I still love Star Trek, I always will. Cryptic and I however, our relationship ends when my sub runs out. This goes for all subscribers, I hope you get that which you desire.

And I'd like to say this to the moderators of this forum so that maybe they start taking this community seriously. We shouldn't have to stand up for other customers because they are being bullied. Cryptic should not allow this at all, even if it helps do their dirty work of silencing any critics of the game. There is not one thread on this forum, constructive or not where the OP was not jumped on by people who should have been playing the game. This is too consistent to be a coincidence. Call me what you want, but that is not a way to go through any life, real or digital. For me, it is no longer worth it to put up with. And judging from in game chat, by these forums, 3rd party forums, and the reviews, I'm not alone.

I had such high hopes, and can only blame myself for that. Live long and prosper friends, the Trek will always live no matter what!

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