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I was thinking about how we can work around the lame pvp queue implementation and was hoping that private queues would be the answer. Unfortunately it turns out you can only invite people via friends list or via name@handle. This is cumbersome if you want to set up premade matches. What would be nice is if you could invite a given fleet name to your queue, which would allow any members of that fleet to join in. That way we could at least set up fleet vs fleet engagements with only a small amount of difficulty. Assuming that the fleets participating are PvP focused, the players on both sides should be somewhat skilled, and that would go a long way to increasing enjoyment of PvP on both sides.

Of course, a superior solution would be to basically copy what wow has done with arena teams and add rated PvP to the game. That way there is matchmaking to give you skilled opponents if you are skilled or less skilled opponents if you are less skilled and you have something to play for other than fun (that is being rated the highest on the ladder).

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