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# 1 Commodities - multiples
02-20-2010, 01:35 PM
I was buying some Provivision Commodities from the trader ship just outside Sol system and found a very annoying bug.

If you try to 'speed' buy these things - clicking as fast as you can to get the amount you need, you can get stuck in 'limbo' (I needed almost 200 - WHY is there no option to buy in bulk?!?!). What I mean by 'limbo' is, as the screen fades to the confirmation box to confirm your purchase, if you click on the screen during this time, the entire screen becomes faded out/background and no new dialog box appears. You cannot click on anything when this happens. Even hitting escape and going to the login screen doesn't help - because it is faded too. The only fix seems to close out the window (and game) and restart.

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