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I have a few issues that need attending to

1. When i look at mu federation starship registry in game, zooming in on the saucer hull. instead of NCC-(insert random number here) i have just a random number (eg: 242386495482648072)

2. As a Klingon character, the transporter effect is exactly the same as the federation effect. think the Klingon can have their own effect. In star trek no 2 races have the same effect EVER.

3. when De cloaking a Klingon war-bird. the cloaking effect shimmers and fades out the silhouette of the ship and then suddenly (next frame) the ship is completely viable. There is no fading transition for de-cloak. however when cloaking there is.

i would appreciate if you could attend to all these issues for the next patch, or the Endgame expansion.

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