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Do you simply go with the flow, keep the status quot, or find yourself just another number in a mega guild? Perhaps you are a big fish in a small pond, being held back by guild politics, or bureaucracy and favoritism is a large part of how a your guild operates. Maybe the volumes of guild law, or it's charter and rules stifle your gaming experience, preventing you from playing how, and when you want to play or with who you really want to play with.

Well we here at The War College take perspective students and train them to lead in a community full of followers, we want strong leaders of men and women, we want the mature, we want those who embrace freedom, and fun. We are a very new concept in community building, and organized game play, we are a very small group of individuals who have been gaming together for 10+ years and have never met one another in real life, each of us value the same things, but has uniquely different methods, and though our ideologies or philosophies differ, our years of online friendship has forged a trust and respect that few guilds can boast.

No mere guild has ever had the qualities those of us here in The War College hope to build, but we need you to help create the reality. We have joined and participated in many guilds and standing armies, severed various warlords, and we have even helped to bolster or build other guilds in the past, making them much better then their originators could ever have imagined. However our goal here, is to recruit the player not the character, we want you to stay, to help build us into the multi-gaming organization of the future. We seek to retain quality mature people for the long haul regardless of the games being played. We need more friends like you to make this happen.

To some a Charter represents a list of rules for a guild. Here at The War College we do not see ourselves as a guild, we are a institution, a organization, and a society of like minded individuals, thus a Charter to those of us here represents not a list of rules, but a mission statement that allows for rules to be broken, a freedom from how communities are currently perceived and operated. If you want a guild look somewhere else, if you want to belong to a society you've found the right place. We here at The War College may use the word "Guild" every once in awhile, however it is seen as a derogatory moniker in reference to other communities and their members, and should never be used to describe The War College. The War College [TWC], The University of War [UW], The Fraternity Militaris, The Fraternity, The Society, there are many different ways to refer to us, but only one matters, the ideology of the Eternal Warrior, and that of The Fraternis Militaris which we all become members of. You want our mission statement? Join us and learn.

We hope to eventually be a self sustaining organization, move our site from it's current domain and hosting site to a exclusive location and custom domain. Currently the ground work is in process for the site, we have Ventrillo, and are about to form in STO as a fleet. Ideologies aside a community doesn't exist without it's members, and no organization is as strong as the membership which represents it. It is the outward persona which draws it's members but ultimately it's the membership itself which defines the organization.
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02-20-2010, 02:43 PM
"We are not saints nor villans, we are the Fraternis Militaris"

We here at The War College have dedicated our time to redefining online gaming communities. We are seek a unity rarely found in gaming organizations, we want to build a organization founded not for a specific game but a ideal based on a philosophy, that of the Fraternis Militaris. A brotherhood of like minded individuals with the freedom to play how they want without the bureaucracy and volumes of restrictions or policies commonly found in guilds.

We don't want quitters, we don't want people who lack the ability to confront someone, or deal with tension and naked aggression. If you are not a confrontational person you will not succeed in any organization with a purpose. "Stress and drama" are the nature of dealing with the human condition, and the only way to resolve a conflict is to confront it and end it, running away solves nothing, and in truth shows a lack of commitment and backbone. When faced with such a diversity of people, one needs to understand that there will always be issues, it's what one does about this that shows ones moral fiber both in game and out of game. We want Eternal Warriors not immature spoiled social misfits, people able to communicate and socialize on a true humanistic level, a real person not a avatar or a self styled opportunistic super star.

The War College isn't some elitist player verses player grief guild either, our organization remains separate from our in game mission, here we are real people, in game however our methodologies may be much different. Honor defined by those of the Fraternis Militaris does not mean we are always the good guys, nor does it always mean we are the bad guys either. Honor to us out of game is that of not being a scum bag in real life, compose yourself and act like a mature adult. Honor represents the idea that you deserve the trust, and respect the Fraternis Militaris grants you. That if we give you responsibilities or privileges you will not steal or destroy what defines The War College. That you have a sense of what's right and wrong. That you will do the honorable thing when push comes to shove and that all those under your care or those above you know they need not concern themselves with little else except for the destruction of our enemies or adversaries.

Some of our beliefs:

"We define ourselves out of game, so that we can live in game."

"We are not the sum of our characters, we've become more then that."

"Skill is worth more then reputation."

"Concern over one's reputation is a sign of weakness and the battle cry of thousands of lesser players."

"Words are more powerful then swords, used intelligently can demoralize and cripple a entire guild, the reverse if spoken like a imbecile, always measure your responses if a response is ever necessary."

"The Fraternis Militaris speaks with one voice or not at all."

"Have both a plan of attack and a exit strategy, flow like water and maintain a state of unpredictability, measure your adversaries responses or capabilities, be proactive and not reactive, and you shall prevail."
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02-20-2010, 07:10 PM
Being in a guild without a reason is a meaningless existence as is blindly serving a organization with a purpose.
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02-20-2010, 09:42 PM
Don't judge a book by it's cover, or turn your back on opportunity until you know what you're missing out on.
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02-21-2010, 02:10 AM
I was a follower of a fleet/guild. Now I have a fleet of my own. We are small but growing.

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