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# 1 I have 3 bugs
02-20-2010, 10:14 PM
My first bug is in the character selection screen. Sometimes when I log in, it asks me if i really want to delete my main character. I tell it "cancel" and the window pops up again and again and so on.

My second bug is that "Line in the sand" won't complete and its not droppable. So i haven't gotten credit for the tutorial mission oddly enough. I put in a ticket, but i was told a GM can't do anything about it. Any ideas? and can a dev/mod possibly get this looked into for me?

The third bug is that the game tells me my graphics driver is out of date, but it wasn't saying that in beta and at launch. I have the latest driver i can find. I have an HP HDX 16 premium notebook PC.

If i can get any solutions to these that'd be great.

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