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# 1 Requested Features/changes
02-20-2010, 11:32 PM
Ability to lock the quick bars. I still find myself dragging icons off the bar in the heat of battle.

this is a real number one no brainer as far as I'm concerned.

Fire all torps command only fires ONE forward or aft launcher launcher. the second launcher is on cool down. AT least this is what appears to happen. The concept of an ALPHA strike is you UNLOAD EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME.. please to make it so.

everything should have its own cool down.. no shared more cool downs please! It feels silly and from a game standpoint makes no real sense.

In the words of Mr Spook "Your logic eludes me" and theres only one James Tiberius Kirk... and you aren't him!

Please fix soon

One of your life time subscribers

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