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I have +46 in skills relevant to Aux to SIF (taking into account innate character bonuses, skill allocation, and consoles) and, using my deflector that doesn't bonus Emitters, +58 in skills relevant to Hazard Emitters. So I'd expect some disparity there. Still, I get 10.1% hull back (currently about 1900 HP) and +34% damage resistance for 15 seconds with max aux of 115 (sci ship + Efficient mission reward engine). With Hazard Emitters, I get straight +8190 hull ovr 21 seconds (since the actual effect is so much bigger, it appears to come at almost the same rate as the Aux to SIF heal) and +30% to damage resistance for 21 seconds. Plus, I can apply this to someone else.

On Cruisers, which have vastly more hull than sci ships, I guess the skill might make sense, but looks like I had a bad idea using it on a sci ship. I was hoping to take another skill that synergized well with the cloak-equivalent skill requirements of Mask Energy Signature, but it's looking like a comparatively unbonused Engineering Team II might be more useful. Any suggestions?

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