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# 1 Hotbar Buttons
02-22-2010, 12:12 PM
Just curious what everyone is doing for your hotbar configuration.

At one point I used the 3-bar setup because i use a G15 and needed an easy way to view the buttons in a way that emulated the 3 groups of 6 G-key buttons. Now that I'm an RA the number of buttons are too many and I have had to go back to the 2-bar button row and the list of Boffs at the bottom just to get them all displayed along with the consumables and the non-boff abilities.

My problem now is I have no control over how those buttons are arranged, although I can drag them onto the hotbars, but that's the issue to begin with; not enough slots that I can key-map, which are only 3 rows, even though there are 10 hotbars.

What works well for you guys?

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