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# 1 Away Team selections: bugged?
02-22-2010, 12:08 AM
Ok, something that has bothered me since OB - switching out away team members. When you first start, you can beam down with your first BoFF and 3 generic security members; once you get more BoFFs, that option dissappears...didn't think much of it, until the other day I saw this post on his thread about a Death Penalty:

Originally Posted by h2orat
I believe you can still switch out your away team members for generic security red shirts- but haven't tried it lately - of course that would have to be an option if there was a chance your BO's could be killed - as some people would not want to take the risk...
Well, I tried again the other night, and you indeed can not switch out named BoFFs for the generic securitys after you hit 4 BoFFs.

I tried first with the mission prompt when beaming down; no luck. Then, I went to the Assignments tab, and changed the Standard Away Team settings; again, no luck, and I only accomplished leaving one behind now, until I add him as the last slot...here's a pic:


Anyone else having this issue? Is it supposed to work, and doesn't, and I should be filing a report in game?

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