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Hi All,

I have currently 2 missions that I would like to complete but cannot because I cannot enter the required system, star base or instance. I had actually a total of 4, but 2 systems let me enter through manually selecting the system after about 20 different attempts.

I am not alone and i have tried the following so far without success I am afraid:
-exit game re-enter
- Log out character and log in again
- rescan all game files
- repatch all game files
- uninstall game, reboot, reinstall game and try again
- change instance
- try every instance
- use another PC
- various combinations of most above

What is strange is that I see people entering and leaving the instances.
I have the instances as missions and the GOLD quest circle does not display on the system when approaching.
The pointer does not turn into the little cog to manually enter the system.

Here are my systems:

- Sierra Outpost II System
- Cernan System

On a side note, the ticket/s I have raised on these issues a week ago are still unanswered...

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