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02-23-2010, 01:51 AM
Originally Posted by Chat
Ehehe... Well... Not very concerned about dreams here because Chat never remembers any. :p

But she does hear frightening tales from her bf... One time he dreamt we were in France to buy ice cream... And for some reason there was a zombie attack so we had to fight them until we reached the ice cream store.
The store did not have the flavour we wanted apparently... Don't remember the rest.

Seriously like wtf?
Ask your boyfriend this for me:
After the ice-cream shop attendants were half-eaten, did they make people flavor?

That would make a great scene in a zombie dark comedy. Especially since this was in France.

Also, Chat:
Do you think I am hogging this thread/ten forward forum a bit too much? I love talking to you and everything, but I don't want to drive off the other folks with my ugliness.
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02-23-2010, 02:12 AM
I quite often have dreams with me ending up in deep water being circled by sharks, killer whales or crocodiles / alligators.
Last nights was a strange one indeed with me investigating an old warehouse that had lots of tunnels for evidence of an old bug like humanoid race.
When myself and my comrades who were present (only one of them I recognised, the guy that played Joel Fleischman in Northern Exposure) heard lots of Clicking sounds we made mass exodus from the warehouse.
Inevitably running along a river bank to escape, I tripped and fell in where there were huge Crocodiles.
Though I have experienced lucid dreams before, I've never had one whilst swimming with the predators and thankfully I awake before I'm eaten.
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02-23-2010, 03:21 AM
Our dreams are usually of the world, tidel waves hitting sky scrappers in asia. Looking out of a balcony of a slighty tilted 20 story apartment building. Ten stories high in water, we remember seeing other poeple standing on other balconys, come crying, some angry, some working to help others. We woke up after that sight.

One dream we had was about being a black guy in some very rough neighborhood and we robbed a store and then tried to run home but was stoped by a bunch of thieves, go figure. We defend our selves the best we could but was guned down. Shot in the stomach.. we could look down an see the bullet in our stomach, we didnt feel the pain but we knew it hurt. We woke up after that happened.

Another one is we have a deep fear of deep deep water, some dreams are of being drowned but of course cant be drowned in a dream so we end up breathing underwater which is really really cool sometimes. How ever there are no fishy or predators. Sometimes people looking for us like scuba divers.
We think its because we escaped from somewere and had to avoid humans at all cost. We flee from the island, its beautiful an sunny. Clearn sparkling calm water, we can see the sandy bottom of the ocean floor and some tan/brownish rock formations, when we pop our head up, not sure if we needed the air, we can see palm trees and blue sky with a sun and sparse clouds. The scuba divers shoot spears and try there damnbest to catch us but we evade, by shooting energy from our hands we think its ki, like in dragon ball z.
Once we relize we can do this, we try to fly by lifting ourself out of the water, we shoot up sooo fast it was blurry. We could see a HUGE golden pyramid floating in the horizon. We shot towards it at super speed, we couldn't see an aura on us though. We unfortunatly woke up. Was a dream to put into memory archives, for sure
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02-23-2010, 05:39 AM
I had a dream I was hanging out with Patrick Stewart and Lavar Burtion at the Orlando Science Center. That was it, looking at exhibits in the Science Center with Cpt. Picard and his Engineer.
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02-23-2010, 06:22 AM
my dream was relatively tame, I dreamed I got attacked by pirates while fishing with Frag grenades... it did not end well for the pirates... or the fish.

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