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# 1 Space Combat Suggestions
03-04-2010, 05:02 AM
I know I will be ignored. About a month ago I wrote up a big thing about ground combat suggestions and it sunk 3 pages down so fast I thought I broke the internetz. I had 1 person who read it and it was me to check spelling mistakes.

Ok, here are my suggestions for Space Combat.
BTW, I really think it is fun, these are just ways to make it feel more real.

1) The Icon of the targeted ship is always the same. Could it not represent the targetted ship rather than just the Defiant (for feds)?
2) I know that everytime you meet ship X, it will have the same weapon compliment. So why can't that icon show me its weapon loadout? You know, I bet you if you lied to me, I wouldn't notice.
3) That being said, why can't everytime you meet ship X, it has a different weapon loadout/ BO Skills?
4) Remember STC 1, when your opponents shields where down you could transport bombs to his ship? Now thats a spicy meatball. Give that meatball to engineers.
5) I have been saying this for months, and will say it again because I am sure it will happen: The ablity to have some of your BO's control another ship (like BO's have thier own AI on ground combat). It would make the title "Fleet Admiral" at little more admiral-like.

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