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It's no secret people want more of the interior of their ships to explore. Planets aren't very explorable, but that's not a problem. Most of the series took place on the SHIPS, not the planets. The problem is that right now there are NO truly explorable places for your captain.

Ships provide player-owned gamespace. A sense of territory. So, let's pin down the elements that will provide that feeling, and let's keep the list as short as possible so we can prioritize things. Without further introduction, here are my "must haves," in order of priority:

1) Leave the scale as it is. Bigger areas are needed if we want missions to happen in these spaces at some point. Shrinking it also shrinks the content you'd put there.

2) More explorable areas, connected by hallways (not zone doors). At a minimum - conference room, captain's quarters, sick bay, engineering, and transporter room.

3) Click-to-sit chairs. I don't have to concentrate really hard to sit down in a chair... and my character shouldn't have to, either.

4) Decorative choices of some sort in the Captain's Quarters. Everything else, go ahead and leave it stock, but this ONE area should have some level of personalization--it's where your captain LIVES, not where he WORKS. Maybe some plants, a game table (non-functional), an award case (based on accolades), a variety of beds/couches to choose from--even if you can't change the position.

And that's all. No need for functioning consoles that most people wouldn't use. No need for steering the ship from this view--especially since we control the captain, not the helmsman. Just a sense that the player OWNS this ship (even if the Captain doesn't), and isn't just a semi-unwelcome guest on the bridge from time to time.

Provide players that sense of ownership, like you do with Bridge Officers, and they will love their ships. And that's another hook to keep them coming around.
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02-23-2010, 07:32 AM
Runabout Interior: Id love to have an interior to my runabout. It wouldn't be hard since it's only 1 level, but if they finally make space travel persistent even when in bridge view, id love to just chill inside my runabout.

Ten Forward: the bridge is NOT a social area. I couldn't believe it when I heard Cryptic say it. That is not the place to socialize. They already have a Ten Forward, they could make 3-4 variations for different ships and there is where we socialize. A Bartender should be there too with reduced prices for food and drinks instead of going thru the replicator.

Crew uniforms: I hate having my BOs in my selected uniforms and the crew in another. There should be an option when going to the tailor "Make this my crew Uniform" so that, except for color designation, they all look the way I want them to.

Holodeck: Simple and easy for practicing any missions or recreating epic past missions.

Shuttlebay: Not the bay itself but an option that would allow the use of shuttles. See my sig
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02-23-2010, 07:33 AM
Turlets, Edith.
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02-23-2010, 07:34 AM
- machine room / warpcore room
- cpts.quarter
- conference room
- medical station
- general working room with working npcs
- 10 forward

all this with some corridores to walk through

and missions could be there too (a bo will be sick after away mission must healed in medical room or something like that)
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02-23-2010, 07:38 AM
For me the initial basics should be;

1; Runabout 'bridge' that is the whole ship.

2; 10-Forward (a social area)

3; Ready Room added to Bridge with the option to customize items on the wall/in cases. (like a trophy/chillax space)

4; Captains Quarters. (A place to access anything relevant to your charachter)

5; Main Engineering. (Your CE is in here (not on the bridge)) Lets you access the replicator and your ships loadout.

Just the stuff I'd like to see added then built on later.
Each area would have a small portion of the surrounding corridors tacked on with a door in each corridor leading to the turbolift which gives you the option to travel to each area.

You would have the option of selecting from the styles of each room (with certain classes having access to certain styles just as it is now with bridges) and you would also be able to independently select the corridor styling.

Persistent space travel would be accomplished by setting it so that if your auto-helm is engaged the ship travels while you are inside.

If anything happens, like the 'do you want to warp to XYZ sector' or 'Starfleet is hailing us' it gets relayed in a message box to you by a Boff, and you can respond to it from inside and the ship will continue acting outside accordingly.

Should you meet an enemy contact and get sucked into a DSE the red alert lights and alarms go off and you then get transfered back to outside view as your ship enters the DSE.
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02-23-2010, 07:39 AM
The only must have in my opinion are random internal sabotage missions that occur within your ship. This is to reflect the fist season of the original series. If you watch the original series, just about every episode was about some kind of internal sabotage, something going wrong on the ship.

I don't care what spaces they include, so long as they mean something and are intractable. Give the crew some life, instead of just having them be empty dolls who just sit there and push buttons.
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02-23-2010, 07:40 AM
I think its important that these areas become unique in their design. So that engineering looks like engineering and not just another big square room with the same old computer terminals as we see in the labs. Sick bay looks like a sick bay and not just a big square room with beds.

In TNG the wall designs were largely the same, but each room had its own very distinct feel and look. I want Cryptic to get that right.
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02-23-2010, 07:40 AM
I agree with the OP nearly 100%.

I'd love to have the Captain's Quarters as an area that I can customize and decorate, including rare and unique items from my adventures.

Engineering, ready-room or conference room, transporter room. I'd love to have a shuttle-bay that I could visit (and perhaps use as part of some missions?), but I realize it's harder to make generic versions of these since the size and shape may have to be different for the various ship hulls, though I suppose they could still cheat here.

A lounge or 10-Forward sort of location makes a lot of sense as well.

When friends beam over to visit your ship, ideally they should beam into the transporter room and then take corridors and turbolifts to visit the other areas of the ship. However, when you visit the interior yourself, you should appear straight on the bridge as you do now, since presumeably you're already there anyway while commanding the ship.
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02-23-2010, 07:43 AM
Some things i'd also like to see the interiors used for, Boff interaction & Crafting.

Sickbay / Medlab: I'd like this to be shown for a couple of reasons. So you can interact with your medical staff, injured Bridge Officers (idea from DP thread) and craft science stuff. You would assign a chief science officer to be your crafting person.

Engineering: You could Customize your ship, craft ship parts and all that engineering stuff. You would assign a Chief Engineering officer to be your crafting person.

Armory: A Place where you could Craft ground gear. and space weapons. with a Chief Security officer assigned here.

Holodeck: so you can replay completed missions, and maybe later create your own missions and trade them with other players.

Now for ideas that arent location specific.

I'd like to see random missions coming from Bridge Officers, how many ST episodes had to do with stuff one of the officers had going on? So i'd like to see them get to give you missions. Lots of episodes take place inside of the ships so i'd like to more of those, ranging from ship malfunctions to alien invasions. Maybe a bridge officer goes nuts and hijacks the ship.

anyway those are my thoughts.
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02-23-2010, 07:44 AM
The only other suggestion from me to help with the immersion and persistent travel is to make it so that you can't invite people to your ship unless they are nearby.

IE beside you in sector space and within 20 km in system.

Then while on your ship if its persistently moving their ship follows yours.

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