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I imagine most of us have started to collect a mission list of 15- 20 missions eventually. Taking into account that most players do PVP at one time or another and gain levels faster than they can finish missions for each new level. I am currently working on missions that are 6 or 7 levels behind my characters level. There is no way I can remember what the rewards were for just about any of them. The last mission I completed was ....Temple Offerings. It sure would have been NICE to know I was only going to recieve some chump change of skill points and such BEFORE spending a ton of credits to complete that mission. I try to do all missions , as i hate to skip any even if the rewards might be less than what I currently have , but there are a few that I would skip ( definetly temple offerings) . Is there a bit of sadist in the Cryptic group? To make someone spend all those credits , thinking something cool was going to come from its completion , and only getting a pat on the butt and a thanks just seriously irritates you. MAKE mission rewards VISABLE as top priority in the next patch and save us a ton of grief Cryptic!!

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