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# 11
08-11-2010, 05:28 PM
What is the Star Trek Online Referral Program ? We may never know..
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# 12 A Task Force
08-17-2010, 01:08 PM
I liked Beta.. I was hit before live with income deficit disorder..
My bank ordered me not to issue trust fund cheques they could not cash.. and i complied..
You know it not so good when 15 a mo looks like thousands used to.

wow i hate DEMO its really nice display of freddie life it is..
I never meant to tell Adm Quinn I refused to protect Vulcan.. honestly.. I just had to re-program the Kobe MAru Sim with Romulan ships that always won and took the attractive women prisoner.

I mean Sulu he's ok ask me why i stopped doing the test.. that's when the trouble started..
I told him we ran out of nice federation woman after Yar..

Task Force yah.. ok Right CLass. Its really useful to have a friendly balance. Not all fleets win with just a straight on force of Heavy Cruiser thought it helps impress and influence.
A 5 Ship Squadron w 3 Heavies up top and a SCi and Engineer escort Light Section works wonders.
Your Sensor blinding's and Engineer repairs is brilliant ina large battle like Star Base 24.

Set follow right away and up those speeds try to break the enemy line and salvo Torps aren't completely useless with a shield up facing you.. but are so much more if you can get an opennign on a Key enmy ship.

GL for now. have to finish dinner.
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# 13
09-03-2010, 02:56 PM
The demo invite was nice Cane but just the same as what i had.. the teaming in demo runs so fast.. to get more then a half hour is tough.. That's not enough.. Cryptic should have at least a 10 day General Trial,

IF they think zone chat and PMs on a demo are too much. .they can block trial attachments to prevent gold farming. and allow StarFleet Command Vets more looks at this .

The Open Beta was Plagued by Client files corrupting like no other Beta ive ever tested.
The Server Support was below par for the Number of Keys they knew existed and were issued..By Alliance Partners. The Last open invite they issued was only for people with Retail keys really..
trying to get them to sign up for a Live account again.
The Demo was the only dif if you were able to see a Borg.. beyond a tutorial situation.

Interplay may not be making Trek now but they could support a Open Beta Trial for the keys issued for it.
The STO team took poor notes from the CO for open beta..
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# 14 Lafayette We are HERE! LIVE!
09-10-2010, 07:00 AM
I ran into a bit of fortunate luck and acquired a key w bonus 500 skill pts..
Ran my Demo LT 3 out and the pits put me over LT 4..

Converting the demo was stream-less due to a long standing in the Cryptic server files and patching the demo daily.

Before long I was running my Well trained crew almost like an epic battle i had in SFC against a C 9.. with a K-5R ..

I wish we had more then Demo keys to share.. I apologize to Hurricane for not giving him buddy credit..
when i signed up for Live I already had a Beta and Demo key i n the system and it used them for upgrade.

Im a map reading and dynaverse planner.. here i feel more like a casual independent.. never liked scraping a fleet together from scratch.. I miss fleetmon Warp Shadowfox Eldon Evaidi [sp] Grak and the other Michigan greats.. and the BC crowd Beav Forest Morgan.. on and on.. still recall chatting w the CN kid Death
he was about got a papercut and was bleeding on his KB so devoted to our Star League team fight..

I said hey its ok to loose go get a bandage..
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# 15
03-12-2011, 06:30 AM
Looking forward to greater things on this side of the fence with Season 4 coming in a month, more or less.

Have you seen much in FLuidic Space.. I think the Sectore showed up o nthe map and dosent seem to be much their and no missions directing you to the STF.. IT was a long level path on Fed side to even get in and seams liek a loose end..

The template is here now to fill more content in. so im excited. .
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08-21-2011, 08:40 PM
The fleet has been semi active due to content.
I see this from the perspective of what we had on the fed side and tried to balance good story missions
and spread out team play where we could.

Im glad to be an Admiral from the Old StarFleet Command PGC Romulan Faction Fleet we were consistently near the top of all fleets and at the Leadership from the RSE during many Star League tables and General War Campaigns

I haven't seen any new missions for KDF and was leveling my FED so I missed the Fleet Message about wondering if anyone was active.. I am not a drama Admiral I was glad to lead a Squadron and a Task Force for many years of fun with the Old StarFleet Command group .
We had many were closed beta testers and i was happy to help w open beta.

I wish a PM could have been sent to the Fleet before people started using the ignore or quit out of frustration. I usually hang out with the Klingons of the Ten Forward Capulet Fleet. I recommend them if you don't see a PGC logged in. as they are a fun loving and fair PVP PVE group like the old PGC used to be.

Unfortunately the Star Fleet Command leadership saw the dearth of KDF and lack of DEV TM following the overwhelming Poll for which faction should come next being discounted by dEV TM resources as unfinished product and went semi inactive or had to leave.

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# 17 The lines still out no bites
01-05-2012, 03:07 PM
Welcome Warriors..
<theres nobody here General>

I can see that i'm practicing.. <tap tap test test> Plays Bjork track

The Targs have gone bolter Sire.

Be a good vassal and grab the targ scouper and follow after.. or the judge by the fire fountain will get you son.
Yes Father do i have too?
Someday all this will be yours.
What the MArtok estates <wide eyed>
No no The Swamps over there in degov..
No no shakes head.. points that one.. behid the feringi that looks like yoda. Soemday this will all melt and we'll
Re-store our House on huge tracks of land.

I see.
Good good.. now go practice yor Mokbra is it then nd change your Honour Guard Armour.
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# 18
02-09-2012, 02:40 PM
so the gangs hangin at facebook and not old sites

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